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    केसे इसने दुनिया को हिला डाला ~ mini wood toy-woodworking arts skills / hand crafts/ #shorts /#viral

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    केसे इसने दुनिया को हिला डाला ~ mini wood toy-woodworking arts skills / hand crafts/ #shorts /#viral

    This man may have started as a humble mechanic crafting wooden toys, but his journey took an unexpected turn when illness led to him getting fired from his job. Determined to turn his fortunes around, he ventured to Dubai where he was presented with a challenge to create a flying horse out of wood for a job opportunity. Despite facing obstacles and doubt from the world, his unwavering dedication and the support of his mother fueled his success in crafting the remarkable wooden horse that secured him a new job.


    mechanic, wooden toys, Dubai, challenge, flying horse, woodworking, arts skills, handcrafts, viral, mother's love, determination, success, support.


    1. What was the initial profession of the man featured in the article? The man started as a mechanic specializing in making wooden toys.

    2. Where did the man go after being fired from his job due to illness? After losing his job, the man traveled to Dubai in search of new opportunities.

    3. What challenge was presented to the man in Dubai, and how did he overcome it? In Dubai, the man was challenged to create a flying horse out of wood to secure a job, and with determination and support, he succeeded in crafting the wooden horse.

    4. What role did the man's mother play in his success story? The man's mother's unwavering love and support were pivotal in his journey to overcome challenges and achieve success in woodworking.

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