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    (Filmora 11): How To Make A Birthday Video *Tutorial*

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    (Filmora 11): How To Make A Birthday Video Tutorial

    Hi guys, welcome back to the Flat Media channel. Today, I'm going to show you how to create a birthday intro effect using Filmora 11. Be sure to watch the video until the end to learn more about this effect. Before we start, make sure to like the video, subscribe to our channel, ring the notification bell, and consider getting a subscription to Elements in the bottom. Let's jump into the tutorial!

    1. Drag the photos to the timeline and search for a border effect to make them look like real pictures.
    2. Arrange the photos in a given space creatively to make it look like they are thrown in one place.
    3. Add an interesting title, such as "Golden Awards," and make adjustments like changing the font to "Rogue Hero 3D".
    4. Add keyframes to the photos and make them disappear from the screen using the position function after a few layers.
    5. Place the title below the photos and match the keyframes for a smooth transition.
    6. Make a rendering preview and your birthday video with the intro effect is ready!

    Remember to like the video, subscribe to the channel, ring the notification bell, get Filmora 11, subscribe to Elements Envato to become a pro editor, and create stunning videos. Enjoy and happy editing!


    Filmora 11, Tutorial, Birthday video, Intro effect, Photos, Border effect, Title, Keyframes, Transition, Rendering preview, Elements Envato.


    1. What software was used in the tutorial? Filmora 11 was used to create the birthday video intro effect.
    2. Can beginners follow this tutorial? Yes, the tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to create the effect, making it accessible for all skill levels.
    3. Is there a specific title recommended for the video? The tutorial suggests using a title like "Golden Awards" and customizing it with fonts like "Rogue Hero 3D" for an interesting effect.

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