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    "Full" Adobe Photoshop for iPad - Retouching Tips

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    Full Adobe Photoshop for iPad - Retouching Tips

    Today, Adobe has finally released the full version of Photoshop for iPad, and in this article, I will walk you through the process of retouching using this new version. If you have the Adobe photography plan, which includes Photoshop and Lightroom, you will automatically get access to this version on your iPad. Although it's not exactly the same as the desktop version, it is still easier to use for image manipulation compared to the Lightroom app. One exciting feature is the ability to sync your files through the cloud, so you can work on a Photoshop file on your desktop, and then continue working on it seamlessly on the iPad. With the new iPad OS 13, you also get enhanced file management capabilities, allowing you to import files from an SD card, create folders, and have a more desktop-like experience.

    To begin, you need to transfer your files onto the iPad. Simply connect your SD card using an SD card reader, go to the files section, and import the desired files into a designated folder on your iPad. Although the PSD files may not display thumbnails, you can still preview them by clicking on them.

    Once you have loaded the desired image into Photoshop on your iPad, you can start retouching. A common retouching task is removing unwanted hair wisps from a subject's face. To do this, you can use the clone tool and the healing tool. Start by duplicating the layer you want to work on, so you have a backup in case you need to make changes later. Use the healing brush to paint over and remove the hair wisps, adjusting the brush size and hardness as needed. For more precise retouching, you can switch to the clone tool, which allows you to target a specific area and clone it onto the desired area.

    After completing the retouching, you can make additional adjustments using adjustment layers. Although the iPad version may not have all the adjustment layers available in the desktop version, you can still make changes using options such as brightness, black and white, color balance, exposure, hue and saturation, levels, and vibrance. You can also mask these adjustments to fine-tune their application to specific areas of the image. For example, by adding a color balance adjustment layer and masking it, you can warm or cool the image while preserving the natural skin tones.

    To enhance the overall look, you can add an exposure adjustment layer to adjust the brightness and contrast. By experimenting with the different settings, you can achieve the desired dramatic effect.

    Overall, working with Photoshop on the iPad, especially with the new iPad OS and its file management capabilities, provides a smooth and efficient editing experience. Although some features may be missing compared to the desktop version, Adobe is continuously working on adding them in future updates.


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    1. Can I use the full version of Adobe Photoshop on my iPad? Yes, if you have the Adobe photography plan, which includes Photoshop and Lightroom, you can access the full version of Photoshop on your iPad.

    2. Can I transfer files from an SD card to my iPad? Yes, with the new iPad OS 13, you can import files from an SD card, create folders, and manage files more effectively.

    3. Can I retouch images on the iPad using Photoshop? Yes, you can retouch images using tools such as the clone tool and the healing tool, which are available in the Photoshop app on the iPad.

    4. Can I make adjustments to images using adjustment layers on the iPad? Yes, you can make adjustments using adjustment layers, such as brightness, color balance, exposure, and more, on the iPad version of Photoshop.

    5. Are all the features available in the desktop version of Photoshop also available on the iPad? Not all features from the desktop version of Photoshop are available on the iPad, but Adobe continues to add new features and updates to improve the iPad editing experience.

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