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    “Harvard will REJECT you if…” RawThoughts#4 | #shorts

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    Harvard will REJECT you if… RawThoughts#4 | #shorts

    I received rejection letters from Stanford and all Ivy League schools, and my video critiquing myself garnered an overwhelming number of comments suggesting it was due to the color of my skin. An admissions coach even mentioned advising clients to downplay their Asian identity to increase their chances of acceptance. This revelation led me to reflect on the practice of concealing a fundamental part of oneself to conform to certain standards. Growing up as an Asian individual, I experienced moments of being ostracized, prompting thoughts on how different life would be without this cultural background. Despite societal pressures, I learned to appreciate and proudly showcase my Chinese heritage in various aspects of my life, including my creations and attire. While my essay might have lacked in quality, sharing my cultural identity was a source of joy, even though it seemed to work against me in the eyes of the internet.

    Keywords: Asian identity, cultural heritage, college admissions, self-expression, rejection letters, societal expectations


    1. How did the author's video critique of themselves relate to their college rejections? The video received comments pointing towards the author's Asian identity as a factor in their rejections from prestigious universities, sparking reflection on the importance of cultural authenticity in the admissions process.

    2. Why did the admissions coach suggest avoiding highlighting one's Asian identity? The admissions coach's advice reflects a concerning trend of advising individuals to minimize aspects of their cultural background to conform to perceived norms and increase their chances of acceptance at specific institutions.

    3. How did the author's experience of being made to feel like an outcast growing up shape their perspective on cultural identity? The author's experiences of exclusion as an Asian individual led them to a deep appreciation of their heritage and a commitment to proudly showcasing their cultural identity, despite potential obstacles in academic settings.

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