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    ✂️ I Edited Podcast Shorts Like @ScrollWithPawan7 (Full Tutorial)

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    ✂️ I Edited Podcast Shorts Like @ScrollWithPawan7 (Full Tutorial)

    In the previous video, the process of editing videos similar to Scroll with Pawan was explained in detail. From generating captions to editing the video using Clip Champ and Cap Cut, the tutorial covered the entire process step by step. Below is a detailed script of the video tutorial rewritten into an article format.

    In the previous video tutorial, the process of editing videos to match the style of Scroll with Pawan was explained in detail. The tutorial covered topics such as trimming the video, generating captions, and editing with tools like Clip Champ and Cap Cut. By following the steps outlined in the tutorial, users can learn how to create engaging and professionally edited videos.


    • Video editing
    • Scroll with Pawan
    • Clip Champ
    • Cap Cut
    • Caption generation
    • Trimming video
    • Font customization
    • Color adjustment


    1. What tools are used for video editing in this tutorial?

    • Clip Champ and Cap Cut are the primary tools used for video editing in this tutorial. Clip Champ is used for basic editing, while Cap Cut is used for more advanced customization.

    2. How can one match the caption with the video during editing?

    • To match the caption with the video, users need to carefully cut and split the caption text based on the audio cues in the video. This process may require practice but becomes easier with experience.

    3. What is the importance of trimming the video in the editing process?

    • Trimming the video helps in selecting specific parts of the footage to focus on, ensuring a cohesive and engaging final result. By removing unnecessary segments, the video can be more streamlined and impactful.

    4. How can one export the edited video for uploading on platforms like YouTube?

    • After completing the editing process, users can export the video in the desired format for uploading. It is essential to ensure that auto-caption is turned off before exporting to avoid unwanted text overlays.

    5. What are some key tips for customizing captions in videos?

    • Customizing captions involves selecting appropriate fonts, adjusting spacing, alignment, and adding colors or effects to enhance visual appeal. Customizing captions can help make the video more engaging and professional-looking.

    By following the steps outlined in the tutorial and practicing the editing techniques demonstrated, users can improve their video editing skills and create captivating content for their audience.

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