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    [LIVE] Writing a Facebook Ad for SMMA

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    [LIVE] Writing a Facebook Ad for SMMA

    In this live session, Evan Vance, a successful social media marketer, shares his expertise in writing a Facebook ad for agencies. Evan's agency generated $ 75,000 in revenue in February alone, and he is on track to reach $ 100,000 per month. Evan believes that writing effective ads is crucial for advertising success, and he is ready to walk us through the process.

    Storytelling and Problem-Based Ads

    Evan starts by explaining that everyone has their own unique style when it comes to writing ads. However, using problem-based and story-based ads has proven to be effective for him. Storytelling and incorporating pain points can increase audience engagement and retention.

    To illustrate the process, Evan chooses dentists as an example niche and identifies the problems they often face. One common issue is dentists struggling with unsuccessful experiences with multiple marketing agencies. Additionally, many dentists find that their front desk staff doesn't make enough lead calls. These pain points provide an opportunity to address their concerns and offer a solution.

    By understanding the terminology dentists use during sales calls, Evan suggests using their language in the ads to resonate with them. He acknowledges that some marketers may not use true stories, but he prefers to keep his ads authentic.

    Writing the Ad

    Evan dives into writing an ad for dentists, starting with a story that grabs attention. He shares how he encountered a dentist frustrated with the results of working with multiple marketing agencies. Despite trying Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads, nothing seemed to work. Upon investigation, Evan discovered that the issue lay in the dentist's front desk staff not making enough lead calls.

    Transitioning to the solution, Evan mentions his personal experience in calling dental leads and manually working with this particular dentist. Within 30 days, Evan had single-handedly generated an additional $ 20,000 for the dentist. However, he couldn't replicate this for every dentist due to resource limitations.

    Here, Evan introduces a way for dentists to implement a similar system without relying on their front desk staff. He mentions the provision of a calling team or the use of AI chatbot software as potential solutions. Evan offers a free video that explains the system further, emphasizing the benefits of implementing this strategy without the burden of front desk staff making unwanted phone calls.

    Call to Action

    Finally, Evan concludes the ad with a strong call to action. He encourages dentists to click learn more and watch the free video that outlines the process. This video acts as a lead magnet, enticing dentists to provide their information in exchange for valuable insights into achieving similar results.


    • Social media marketing agency
    • Facebook ad
    • Dentists
    • Marketing agencies
    • Front desk staff
    • Lead calls
    • Successful experiences
    • Story-based ads
    • Pain points
    • Solution


    Q: How important is storytelling in ad writing?
    A: Storytelling is an effective way to engage the audience and increase retention. Incorporating personal experiences and pain points helps create a connection with potential clients.

    Q: What are some common problems faced by dentists in marketing?
    A: Dentists often struggle with unsuccessful experiences with multiple marketing agencies and find that their front desk staff does not make enough lead calls.

    Q: Can using authentic stories in ads be more effective?
    A: While some marketers may not use true stories, Evan Vance believes in the power of authenticity. True stories resonate with the audience and are more likely to generate engagement.

    Q: What should the call to action in an ad include?
    A: A strong call to action should invite the audience to take action, such as clicking to learn more or watching a free video. Offering valuable content in exchange for their information can incentivize engagement.

    Q: How can dentists implement a system without relying on front desk staff?
    A: Dentists can consider options such as utilizing a calling team or implementing AI chatbot software to overcome the challenges of front desk staff. These options can streamline lead calls and improve results.

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