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    'Oppenheimer' DOMINATES the Oscars After Making Almost $1B at the Box Office

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    Oppenheimer DOMINATES the Oscars After Making Almost $ 1B at the Box Office

    Good morning, Daily Show! I'm Neil Fryman, and I'm Toby Hal. Today, "Oppenheimer" takes the crown at the Oscars with a big win. It's hard to believe, but it has been one year since Silicon Valley Bank's collapse. Let's dive into these stories and more on this Monday, March 11th. Let's ride!

    If you're feeling a bit groggier than usual this morning, it's because the US entered daylight saving time early on Sunday. This means we lost an hour of sleep, but we gain more daylight in the evenings throughout the summer. The trade-off is worth it for those 6 p.m. tea times, right Toby? The debate on whether daylight saving time is beneficial or not continues, but for now, we embrace the change.

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    Now let's talk about the surprising resurrection of the effort to ban TikTok. A key House committee recently voted 50 to nothing in support of a new bill that would force TikTok's Chinese owner, ByteDance, to relinquish control of the app or face a ban in the US. Over the weekend, President Biden expressed his support for the bill if Congress passes it. This bill has a real chance of becoming a law, and it will be interesting to see who would buy TikTok if ByteDance relinquishes control. Big tech companies are unlikely to make the purchase due to antitrust concerns, so other potential buyers like Bobby Kotick are exploring the opportunity.

    In other news, the Oscars took place last night, and "Oppenheimer" emerged as the big winner. The movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, won Best Picture, while Nolan himself won his first Academy Award for Best Director. "Oppenheimer" also won the most awards of any movie, with a total of seven. It's worth noting that this film broke the trend of indie movies dominating the Best Picture category in recent years. "Oppenheimer" proved to be both a critical and commercial success, earning nearly $ 1 billion at the box office. Overall, the Oscars reflected the topsy-turvy year in Hollywood, with both highs and lows. As host Jimmy Kimmel mentioned during his monologue, the industry faced a notable strike and various challenges throughout the year.

    Now let's take a trip down memory lane as we recognize that it has been one year since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. This event triggered the most significant banking crisis since 2008. Interestingly, the aftermath of the collapse has led to both big and small banks coming out on top. Neo-banks like Brex and Mercury experienced a surge in customer deposits following the SVB meltdown, while big banks like First Citizens and Chase acquired failed banks and expanded their reach. Despite the crisis, regulatory changes have been relatively minimal. The Basel III endgame regulations proposed by the Federal Reserve were not a direct response to SVB's collapse but rather a result of lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis.

    As we reflect on the aftermath of the SVB collapse, it is important to consider the lessons learned and the potential for future banking crises. Meanwhile, we congratulate the winners at the Oscars and keep an eye on the potential ban of TikTok. It's been a busy year since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and we look forward to seeing how these events shape the future. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week.


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    Q: What happened one year ago today in the banking world? A: One year ago, Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, triggering a significant banking crisis.

    Q: How did the Oscars reflect the tumultuous year in Hollywood? A: The Oscars highlighted both the highs and lows of the film industry during the past year.

    Q: What are the potential implications of a TikTok ban? A: A potential ban on TikTok could lead to the transfer of its ownership and a reshuffling of the social media landscape.

    Q: What were the key takeaways from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank? A: The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank led to both big and small banks emerging successfully, with limited regulatory changes in the aftermath.

    Q: What is the future outlook for the banking sector following the SVB collapse? A: The banking sector faces potential challenges, such as commercial real estate risks, but also opportunities for growth and adaptation.

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