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    Once upon a time, in a well, lived many frogs who had never seen the outside world. Whenever a frog tried to come out, they were discouraged by others and would give up. However, one determined frog decided to ignore the negative voices and persist in reaching the outside. Despite the discouragement, the frog continued towards its goal and successfully made it out of the well, surprising everyone. This story teaches us the importance of not listening to those who try to bring us down, and to pursue our dreams relentlessly.


    frog, well, outside world, discouragement, determination, success


    • Q: What is the significance of the frog story in the well?
    • A: The story illustrates the importance of determination and resilience in the face of discouragement and negativity.
    • Q: What can we learn from the frog's experience?
    • A: The story teaches us not to let others' negative opinions and discouragement hold us back from pursuing our goals.
    • Q: Why is it important to ignore those who try to bring us down?
    • A: Ignoring negative influences and continuing to strive towards success can lead to achieving our dreams and surprising others with our capabilities.

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