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    10 AI Tools Every Creator Can’t Live Without

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    10 AI Tools Every Creator Can't Live Without

    With the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), content creators now have access to a wide range of tools that can simplify their workflows and enhance their content. In this article, we will explore 10 genius AI tools that every content creator should consider using for their projects.


    Opus is a powerful AI tool that takes long-form videos, such as podcasts or camera recordings, and transforms them into viral moments. Using AI, Opus identifies engaging clips, converts them into vertical videos, adds captions, and even suggests titles and descriptions. This tool saves time and allows creators to quickly create video content for social media platforms.

    Submagic is an excellent tool for creators who want to add captions to their videos without spending hours on the task. This AI-powered tool enhances captions by making them visually appealing through text animation and the addition of relevant emojis. It offers a quick and engaging way to make your video content more accessible. offers a range of AI features designed specifically for podcasters and content creators. One standout feature is its text-to-speech conversion, using a variety of AI voices. It allows you to type your desired text and choose from 35 different AI voices to generate speech. There is also a revoice feature that can recreate your own voice using AI, providing a more personalized touch to your podcast intros, ads, or corrections.

    Koala Rider

    Koala Rider is a remarkable tool that transforms YouTube videos or long-form content into blog posts effortlessly. By simply pasting a YouTube link, Koala Rider generates a complete blog article that you can copy and publish. The tool even offers options for tone of voice and point of view to customize the article's style. While the free version is limited to 500 words, the premium version allows unlimited usage and is reasonably priced at $ 9 per month.

    Gleam AI

    Gleam AI is a valuable tool that helps to streamline the video editing process. It automatically detects mistakes, silences, and other undesirable elements in your videos, providing you with perfectly edited clips. This saves creators time and effort, as AI technology takes care of the tedious editing work, leaving you with a polished final product.


    Video.AI simplifies the creation of podcast clips and shorter horizontal videos. Like Opus, this tool uses AI to identify potential clips within your long-form content. What sets Video.AI apart is that it offers options for both vertical and horizontal videos, expanding creative possibilities for creators and making it easier to repurpose content across various platforms.


    VidIQ is an invaluable AI-powered tool for YouTube creators. It offers various features, including AI-generated title recommendations, description generators, and even video ideas suggestions. These AI features optimize your video's SEO, helping you reach your target audience effectively. With VidIQ, YouTube creators can save time and improve their content strategy.

    Photoshop Beta with Generative Fill

    Photoshop's beta version introduces an impressive AI-powered feature called generative fill. This tool allows creators to remove objects from scenes or even create new elements that were never present in the original image. For creating visually stunning YouTube thumbnails or engaging graphic designs, this AI-powered tool opens up new possibilities for content creators.


    AutoPod is a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro that automatically cuts and edits podcast episodes. While it may not be perfect, it significantly reduces editing time by automatically cutting between speakers, removing errors, and creating a cohesive final product. This tool is a game-changer for podcasters who want to streamline their editing process while maintaining control over the final result.

    Runway ML

    Runway ML offers an array of impressive AI-powered features for video editing. With its green screen feature, creators can easily remove backgrounds or add creative elements to their videos. It also provides tools for erasing objects from videos, creating slow-motion effects, and adding movement to images. Runway ML empowers creators to push their creative boundaries and enhance the visual impact of their content.

    These ten AI tools have revolutionized the content creation process, providing creators with innovative solutions to enhance their workflow, repurpose content, and improve engagement. Incorporating these AI tools into your creative toolkit can save you time, streamline your editing process, and unlock new possibilities for your content.


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    Q: How can AI tools assist content creators? A: AI tools can simplify various aspects of content creation, including video editing, captioning, transcription, and blog post generation. They save time, automate processes, and enhance the overall quality of content.

    Q: Can AI tools help improve engagement on social media platforms? A: Yes, AI tools like Opus, Submagic, and Video.AI can help content creators create engaging short-form videos, add captions, and understand their audience better, leading to improved engagement on social media.

    Q: Are these AI tools accessible for all creators? A: Yes, most of these AI tools offer free versions or trial periods, allowing creators to test them out before committing to a subscription or premium features. They are designed to cater to the needs of both beginner and experienced content creators.

    Q: Are AI tools only limited to video content creation? A: No, AI tools like Podcastle, Koala Rider, and Autopod cater to audio-based content creators, such as podcasters, by providing transcription, editing, and text-to-speech conversion features. They are versatile tools that cater to a variety of content creation needs.

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