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    10 BEST Mac Apps for Productivity!

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    10 BEST Mac Apps for Productivity!


    In this article, we will explore the top 10 Mac apps that can significantly enhance your productivity. These apps cover a range of functions, from file management to screenshot editing and more. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

    Drop Zone 4

    One of the favorite Mac apps of recent times is Drop Zone 4. It allows you to drag and drop files onto your iPhone or iPad using a drop zone grid. You can also combine different file types together and easily transfer them to messaging apps or other applications that receive file transfers.


    Alt-Tab is a Mac app that provides a Windows-like experience of selecting specific windows instead of the entire app. This is particularly useful when dealing with multiple instances of applications like Chrome. You can easily toggle between windows for a specific active app or among all open windows across multiple screens.

    Monitor Control

    Monitor Control is an underrated Mac app that allows you to control the brightness of your monitors from a single drop-down menu. This is especially convenient for users with multiple displays, eliminating the need to access display settings every time. You can even adjust the brightness across all your displays simultaneously using a simple keyboard shortcut.


    Moom is an app that enables you to snap windows to pre-arranged positions on your displays. You can create custom shortcuts to quickly arrange your windows in specific layouts. This app is particularly beneficial for users who frequently work with multiple windows and screens.


    Numi is a powerful Mac app for handling different currencies, units of measurement, and time zones. With Numi, you can easily convert currencies, calculate sums, check the time in different locations, and more. It provides a convenient way to perform calculations and conversions without switching between various tools or online resources.

    Cheat Sheet

    Cheat Sheet is an app that displays a cheat sheet for the active app when you hold down the command key for a certain period. It shows the hotkeys and actions associated with the app, allowing you to quickly learn or perform tasks without navigating through menus or memorizing shortcuts.

    App Cleaner

    App Cleaner is a minimal yet useful app that helps you uninstall applications completely. Unlike the standard method of dragging apps to the trash, App Cleaner also removes associated files and documents associated with the app, preventing unnecessary clutter and freeing up storage space on your Mac.

    CleanShot X

    CleanShot X is a comprehensive screenshot editing tool that offers various features beyond basic snipping. After capturing a screenshot, you can easily edit, annotate, blur sensitive information, and share it across different platforms. CleanShot X also provides the option to capture screenshots with rounded edges and transparent backgrounds, giving you full control over your screenshots.


    Alfred is a powerful app that replaces the default Spotlight search on your Mac. With Alfred, you can easily launch apps, search for files and documents, access system commands, convert units, perform web searches, and much more. It offers a highly customizable and efficient way to navigate your Mac and boost your productivity.

    Logi Options

    Logi Options is a must-have app for Logitech product users, allowing you to customize the functionality of your Logitech devices. You can change button configurations, scroll settings, and keyboard shortcuts to tailor them to your workflow and preferences.


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    1. Can I use Drop Zone 4 to transfer files between my Mac and iOS devices?

      • Yes, Drop Zone 4 allows you to drag and drop files onto your iPhone or iPad effortlessly.
    2. Does Monitor Control support adjusting the brightness of external displays connected to my Mac?

      • Yes, Monitor Control enables you to adjust the brightness of all your displays, including external ones.
    3. Is Alfred only a replacement for Spotlight search?

      • No, Alfred offers a wide range of features beyond search, including app launching, system commands, unit conversion, and more.
    4. Can I uninstall applications completely with App Cleaner?

      • Yes, App Cleaner removes not only the app itself but also all associated files and documents, ensuring a complete uninstallation.
    5. Is CleanShot X available for free?

      • CleanShot X is a paid app, although there are some free alternatives available with limited features.

    Please note that the prices and availability of these apps may vary, so it's advisable to check their respective websites or app stores for the most up-to-date information.

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