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    10 Best AI Video Editing Tools of 2023 (and how to use them)

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    10 Best AI Video Editing Tools of 2023 (and How to Use Them)

    AI video editing tools have seen a surge in popularity this year, making it increasingly difficult to navigate through the myriad of options available. In this article, we will list out the top 10 AI video editing tools of 2023 and provide insights on how to use them effectively.

    1. Adobe Premiere Pro's Speech Enhancement

    Adobe Premiere Pro offers an AI-powered feature called Speech Enhancement, which can automatically remove background noise or reverb from your audio clips. By simply enabling the "Enhance Speech" option, the software will analyze the audio and enhance its clarity. This tool is particularly helpful for reducing noise in recordings made with built-in microphones in noisy environments.

    2. Envato Elements for Stock Assets

    Envato Elements provides a vast collection of stock video, music, sound effects, and graphics for video projects. With their free extension for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can easily search and download assets without leaving the software. The new AI-powered search feature allows you to find relevant assets based on the current frame of your video, saving you time and effort.

    3. Photoshop's Frame Extension

    Photoshop's video timeline workspace now includes the Frame Extension, allowing you to expand and modify the frame of your video. With this tool, you can generate additional visual elements, such as extending the background or adding objects to the scene. It's a great way to enhance your video's composition without the need for complex editing techniques.

    4. Endboost for Automated Sound Mixing

    Endboost is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify sound mixing in Premiere Pro. It analyzes each audio track, including dialogue, music, and sound effects, and automatically adjusts the levels for optimal clarity. This feature saves you from the tedious process of manually adjusting and balancing audio, resulting in a professionally mixed sound for your videos.

    5. Autopods' Jump Cut Editor

    Autopods offers a Jump Cut Editor that automatically cuts out silences from your video timeline. By nesting your clips together, you can eliminate pauses or dead air between dialogue or action sequences. This tool provides a convenient starting point for refining your rough cut and streamlining your editing process.

    6. Runway's AI Magic Tools

    Runway's AI Magic Tools offer a range of AI-powered capabilities for video editing. Their inpainting feature allows you to remove unwanted objects or elements from your footage seamlessly. By simply painting over the areas you wish to eliminate, the AI fills in the gaps naturally, saving you time and effort in post-production.

    7. Face Blurring with AI

    Face blurring is a significant concern when it comes to privacy and security in videos. AI-powered tools can automatically detect and blur faces to protect identities. While currently in its early stages, this technology shows promising potential in safeguarding personal information and complying with privacy regulations.

    8. Super Slow Motion

    Super slow-motion effects add a dramatic touch to your videos. By using AI algorithms to interpolate frames, you can slow down footage shot at normal speed. This technique simulates the effect of shooting at a higher frame rate, enabling you to capture incredible slow-motion moments without specialized equipment.

    9. Text-to-Color for Unique Look Creation

    Text-to-Color tools use AI algorithms to generate unique color grading styles based on the prompt you provide. By describing the desired look or uploading a reference image, the AI algorithm generates a color scheme that can be applied to your footage. This feature allows you to experiment with various artistic styles quickly and easily.

    10. Text-to-Video Generation

    AI-powered text-to-video generation tools take video creation to a whole new level. By providing a scene description or uploading an image, these tools utilize AI algorithms to generate video clips that match your input. While the results may not always be perfect, they offer a glimpse into the future of AI-assisted video creation.

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    1. Can these AI tools completely replace human editors? No, AI tools are designed to assist human editors and streamline the editing process. They provide unique features and capabilities that complement the skills of human editors, but they do not replace the need for human creative input and decision-making.

    2. Are these AI tools suitable for beginners or professionals? AI video editing tools cater to both beginners and professionals. They provide intuitive interfaces and automated features that make video editing more accessible for beginners, while professionals can leverage their advanced capabilities to enhance their creative workflow.

    3. Do these AI tools require a subscription or additional fees? Some AI tools are included in existing software subscriptions, like Adobe Creative Cloud, while others may require separate subscriptions or one-time purchases. It's essential to review the pricing and licensing details for each tool to determine the costs involved.

    4. Can these AI tools be used on all video editing software? AI video editing tools are often available as plugins or extensions for specific software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Before using any AI tool, ensure compatibility with your chosen editing software by reviewing the system requirements and specifications provided by the tool developers.

    5. What are the limitations of AI-powered video editing tools? While AI tools have made significant advancements, they still have limitations. Currently, they work best with clear and standardized inputs. Unusual or complex scenes may not generate accurate results, and certain tasks, such as creative decision-making or narrative storytelling, may still require human intervention. It's important to be aware of these limitations and use AI tools as aids rather than complete substitutes for human expertise.

    By leveraging these top AI video editing tools, you can enhance your creative workflow, streamline the editing process, and tap into new possibilities in video production. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, these tools offer exciting ways to push the boundaries of your video projects.

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