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    10 INSANE AI Apps You NEED to TRY!

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    10 INSANE AI Apps You NEED to TRY!

    AI has been a buzzword for quite some time now, with many apps and software already utilizing this technology. In this article, we will explore 10 incredible AI-based apps that are worth trying out. These apps cover a range of functionalities from image generation to math problem-solving, all powered by the capabilities of AI.

    To start, we have Starry AI, an AI image generator that creates impressive artworks with just a few simple steps. Another standout app is Moises, which uses AI to isolate instrument stems in songs, allowing users to manipulate the tracks. Otter Voice Notes, Dina, Snit, and Task Guide are some other noteworthy apps that leverage AI for transcription, weather recommendations, podcasting, and organization tools, respectively.

    Continuing the list, Microsoft Math Solver is a powerful app that helps solve complex mathematical equations using AI. PictureThis is an app for plant enthusiasts, providing plant identification and care advice through AI technology. Clip Drop offers AI-powered photo cleanup, and Colorize can instantly add color to black and white photos using AI algorithms.

    These 10 apps showcase the versatility and innovation that AI brings to various fields, offering users unique and efficient ways to enhance their daily activities.


    • AI apps
    • Image generation
    • Music stem isolation
    • Transcription
    • Weather recommendations
    • Podcasting
    • Math problem-solving
    • Plant identification
    • Photo cleanup
    • Photo restoration


    • How do AI image generator apps like Starry AI work?
    • What functionalities do AI-powered music apps like Moises provide?
    • How does Otter Voice Notes utilize AI for note-taking?
    • In what ways does Dina use AI for weather recommendations?
    • What makes Snit a standout podcasting app with AI integration?
    • How does Microsoft Math Solver help users with complex mathematical equations using AI?
    • What features does PictureThis offer for plant enthusiasts with AI technology?
    • How can Clip Drop assist users with photo cleanup through AI?
    • How does Colorize use AI for photo restoration of black and white images?

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