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    10 Outdated TikTok Tips To AVOID In 2024

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    10 Outdated TikTok Tips To AVOID In 2024

    In the ever-evolving world of TikTok, it's crucial to stay updated on the latest strategies to ensure your content performs well. However, not all advice remains relevant over time. Here are 10 outdated TikTok tips that you should steer clear of in 2024:

    1. Posting Times: Focusing on posting when your followers are online is not as crucial as once thought. The algorithm does not prioritize timestamps for views or virality.

    2. Hashtag Strategy: Relying solely on specific hashtags for growth is ineffective. While hashtags play a role, the content quality and viewer engagement are more critical.

    3. Keyboard Words Swipe: Typing keywords on the video and swiping them off-screen does not influence search rankings or algorithm categorization.

    4. Ghost Posting: The idea that posting and leaving the app will garner more views is unsubstantiated. Quality content that keeps viewers engaged is key.

    5. Follow for Follow: Artificially inflating follower numbers through follow-for-follow schemes leads to disengaged followers who hurt your views in the long run.

    6. Asking for Likes/Follows: Requesting likes and follows at the end of videos can lower viewer engagement. Quality content should speak for itself.

    7. Frequent Posting: Posting excessively can overwhelm followers and lead to lower-quality content, decreasing viewer retention and harming overall views.

    8. Reposting Viral Content: Reposting old content may result in violations and a lack of views due to TikTok's crackdown on recycled content.

    9. Deleting Videos: Avoid deleting videos, even if they perform poorly. Focusing on creating new, engaging content is more effective than rehashing old material.

    10. Unshadowbanning Myths: Claims of being shadowbanned are often due to subpar content rather than actual restrictions. Focus on improving content quality for better results.


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    1. Do posting times matter on TikTok?
      Posting times are not a significant factor in TikTok's algorithm for views or virality.

    2. Are specific hashtag strategies vital for TikTok growth?
      While hashtags play a role, content quality and viewer engagement are more crucial for growth on TikTok.

    3. Is it effective to ask for likes and follows in TikTok videos?
      Asking for likes and follows may reduce viewer engagement, as quality content should naturally attract followers.

    4. Should TikTok creators repost viral content for more views?
      Reposting viral content may lead to violations and a decline in views due to TikTok's crackdown on recycled material. It's advisable to focus on creating new, engaging content instead.

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