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    100% FREE AI Video Generator & Text To Speech AI

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    100% FREE AI Video Generator & Text To Speech AI

    Currently, the AI video generator is free to use, but the duration of this free service is uncertain. The tutorial video is divided into four parts: how to use free text-to-speech AI, generate an AI video from the original website, create an AI Avatar inside Canva, and how to edit the video background.

    Part 1: Free Text to Speech AI

    To use the free text-to-speech AI, visit the Nero AI website and navigate to the text-to-speech menu. Input or paste your script, select the language and voice actor, save the settings, and generate the AI voice. You can listen to the generated voice, copy the link, and download the AI voice file.

    Part 2: Free AI Video Generator

    In Nero AI Studio, choose the AI Avatar, input your video script, generate the script using their AI script generator, change the video background, select the AI video language and voice style, provide your email address, and render your AI video.

    Part 3: Free AI Avatar in Canva

    For video editing purposes, you can use Nero AI inside Canva. Log in to Canva, create a video design, search for Nero AI in the apps menu, select your desired AI Avatar, input the video script, choose the language and voice actor, preview the AI voice, and create your AI Avatar video.

    Part 4: Change Video Background

    To alter the video background, remove the current background, select a new video stock from Canva, set it as the background, preview the video, download the AI-generated video in the desired format and resolution.


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    3. What are the steps involved in creating an AI Avatar video in Canva?
    4. Can I change the video background in the AI-generated videos?
    5. What are some key features of the AI video generator and text-to-speech AI described in the tutorial?

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