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    11 INSTAGRAM REELS Tips To SMASH 2023 (Tricks & Tutorials)

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    11 INSTAGRAM REELS Tips To SMASH 2023 (Tricks & Tutorials)

    Are you looking to up your Instagram Reels game in 2023? Look no further! Below are 11 tips and tricks to help you create engaging and successful reels to attract more followers and engagement.

    The first tip is to pre-save your stories before adding text and stickers. This allows you to have raw video footage that can later be edited into reels. Remember to focus on the hook - why would viewers want to watch your reel? Quantity over quality can also be key; don't let perfectionism hinder your content creation. Utilize the green screen feature for unique content, and don't be afraid to try new things like showcasing your artwork behind you. Additionally, utilize auto captions or add your own captions for more engagement.

    Another useful tip is to make your reels hands-free by using a phone clip and the timer feature. Consider showing your reels on Facebook as well to reach a larger audience. Be original in your content creation, even when following trends. Remember to keep the viewer in mind and make your content clear and engaging from the outset. These tips can help take your Instagram Reels to the next level in 2023!


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    1. How can pre-saving stories help in creating Instagram Reels?
      • Pre-saving stories provides raw video footage that can be edited into reels, ensuring a steady stream of content.
    2. Why is being hands-free important for creating reels?
      • Being hands-free allows for more engaging content creation, such as unboxings or dances, without being tied to holding the phone.
    3. Why should captions be added to Instagram Reels?
      • Adding captions, whether through auto captioning or manual typing, enhances accessibility and engagement for viewers who may be watching without sound.

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