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    14 Explainer Video Styles for 2023 | by Yum Yum Videos

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    14 Explainer Video Styles for 2023 | by Yum Yum Videos

    Hey hey! Today, we're delving into the world of explainer video styles, exploring the diverse range of options available for businesses. Videos come in various shapes and sizes, each with its unique advantages and relevance. This article will cover the basics of fourteen different explainer video styles and explain why they are significant for your business.

    1. 2D Animation: Utilize the power of storytelling in a 2D animated video to effectively communicate ideas and encourage audience engagement through relatable animated characters.

    2. Motion Graphics: Graphic design and movement combined to convey complex messages using text, color, and simple graphic elements with smooth transitions.

    3. Whiteboard Animation: Bring stories to life by simulating hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard, popular for communicating complex information in a straightforward manner.

    4. 2.5D Animation Style: A blend of 2D and 3D animation techniques, combining 3D objects in a 2D environment to create visually appealing yet cost-effective visuals.

    5. Isometric Style: 2D representation of 3D elements to create the illusion of perspective, ideal for showcasing products or objects from an overhead view.

    6. 3D Animation Style: Renders designs in three dimensions, offering detailed visuals to explain product features but often pricier and time-consuming.

    7. Stop Motion: Physical manipulation of objects in small increments to create fluid animation, demanding attention to detail and effort.

    8. Claymation: Handcrafting animated sequences using malleable substances like clay, offering a unique and visually appealing style albeit expensive.

    9. Kinetic Typography: Moving text to convey ideas effectively, demanding viewer engagement and commonly used to highlight essential data.

    10. Live Action: Relies on live footage to humanize brands and create emotional connections, albeit at a higher production cost.

    11. Screencast: Screen recordings with cursor movements and audio narration, ideal for instructional videos or software demonstrations.

    12. Comic Style: Combines print comic books with animation elements to transform static visuals into dynamic motion.

    13. Collage Style: Mixes real photographs with illustrations to create a visually striking and creative aesthetic.

    14. Mixed Media: Combines different media and styles to create fresh, innovative visuals, offering limitless creative opportunities.

    We have covered various explainer video styles, each with its unique benefits and suitability for different business needs. Which video style resonates with your brand the most?


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    1. Which explainer video style is the most cost-effective?

      • 2D animation is often considered one of the most cost-effective explainer video styles due to its simplicity and effectiveness in conveying ideas.
    2. Are 3D animation explainer videos suitable for all businesses?

      • While 3D animation can offer detailed visual demonstrations, they are typically more expensive and time-consuming, making them more suitable for certain businesses or specific product showcases.
    3. How can a business choose the right explainer video style for its brand?

      • Businesses should consider their brand identity, target audience, budget, and the complexity of the information they need to convey when choosing an explainer video style that aligns with their goals.

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