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    15th Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards 2024 - Pune| Panel Discussion 2

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    15th Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards 2024 - Pune| Panel Discussion 2

    The 15th Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards 2024 in Pune recently held a panel discussion on sales and marketing strategies in the real estate industry. The panel included industry experts who shared their insights on positioning for success in 2024. The discussion focused on the evolving consumer behaviors, the role of technology, customer experience, sustainability, and risk management in sales and marketing strategies.

    The panelists highlighted the importance of understanding the purpose and target audience when developing sales and marketing strategies. They emphasized the need for product development that aligns with customer preferences and a specialized approach tailored to different market segments. Data analytics and AI were recognized as valuable tools for optimizing sales and marketing efforts, providing insights into customer behavior and decision-making processes.

    To differentiate their brands and stand out from competitors, panelists discussed the importance of innovation, technology integration, and personalized experiences. They emphasized the role of customer feedback and insights in refining sales and marketing approaches, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving loyalty. Collaboration between sales and marketing teams was deemed crucial for success, with a focus on aligning goals and maximizing results.

    The discussion also addressed the growing emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the real estate industry. Panelists highlighted the need to align sales and marketing strategies with these values to enhance brand reputation and appeal to conscious consumers. They emphasized the merits of green, sustainable, and eco-friendly products, emphasizing factors such as carbon footprint, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

    Overall, the panel discussion highlighted the importance of adaptability and agility in response to changing market dynamics. Developers were encouraged to embrace technology, invest in talent, and learn from other industries' best practices. The goal was to bridge the trust deficit by providing standardized and customized experiences for buyers, leveraging insights from data analytics, and embracing innovation in sales and marketing approaches.


    • Sales and marketing strategies
    • Positioning for success in 2024
    • Consumer behavior
    • Technology integration
    • Customer experience
    • Sustainability
    • Risk management
    • Personalization
    • Feedback mechanism
    • Collaboration
    • Adaptability and agility


    1. How can sales and marketing strategies be aligned with sustainability and corporate social responsibility values?
    2. How can customer feedback and insights be incorporated into sales and marketing strategies?
    3. What innovative approaches can be implemented to adapt to evolving consumer behaviors?
    4. How can collaboration between sales and marketing teams enhance success?
    5. What role does technology play in optimizing sales and marketing efforts?
    6. How can risk management be addressed in sales and marketing strategies?
    7. How can personalized experiences be integrated into sales and marketing approaches?
    8. How can developers bridge the trust deficit in the real estate industry?
    9. What parameters should be considered when selecting a digital agency for real estate marketing?
    10. How can sales and marketing strategies adapt to changing market dynamics and maximize results?

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