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    3 Best AI Voice Generator For YouTube Videos In 2023

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    3 Best AI Voice Generators For YouTube Videos In 2023

    In the rapidly evolving world of AI voices, creators of faceless YouTube channels have an array of options to choose from. This article will highlight the top three AI voice generators in 2023, providing an update on the previous ranking. These tools have been personally tried and tested, with no issues encountered on monetized channels.

    1. Well said Labs

    Starting at number three, Well said Labs offers over 50 high-quality AI voices. This tool convinced me to use AI voices in my YouTube videos due to its unlimited voice choice options. Well said Labs allows you to test and correct scripts as you go, offering voices that sound natural and show emotion. However, the price may be a drawback, as the best voices require a subscription of $ 100 per month. If you only use one voice and upload one video per week, it may not be worth the price compared to hiring a human voice actor.

    2. 11 Labs

    In second place is 11 Labs. Although it is often hailed as the best-sounding AI voice generator, it still has some limitations as it is in beta. The generated voice can sound different each time, and there is no built-in feature to edit longer scripts together. This means additional tools or software are required, which can disrupt workflow and add costs. Despite these drawbacks, 11 Labs excels at creating bespoke voices from your own recordings or other voice sources.

    3. Jenny by Lovo

    Taking the number one spot is Jenny by Lovo. While it did not make the previous list, Jenny has made significant improvements by adding 50 premium stock voices, with more in the pipeline. As a more affordable option compared to Well said Labs and 11 Labs, Jenny offers a built-in editing timeline, making it a one-stop-shop for voice-over needs. It is suitable for those who prefer stock voices and want a user-friendly experience.

    One more thing

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