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    3 FREE AI MUSIC Generator : Create YOUR Own Music Videos!

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    3 FREE AI MUSIC Generator : Create YOUR Own Music Videos!

    In this era of artificial intelligence, creating your own original music has become incredibly easy with the help of AI music generator tools. This article will guide you through three free AI music generator tools and show you how to create your own music videos for free using these tools.

    Part 1: Free AI Music Generator (Track Cai)

    To start creating your free AI music with Track Cai, you need to create an account on their platform. Choose your music genre, select the length of the music, and click the 'Create My Track' button. You can generate your original AI music in just three clicks and download it for use in your projects.

    Part 2: Creating Music Video Using Canva

    Canva is a user-friendly platform for creating music videos without complex video editing. Simply drag and drop your AI music into Canva, match the video length to your audio track, and download the video in MP4 format.

    Part 3: Free AI Music Generator Alternative

    Explore other AI music generators like Waveformer and Beethoven AI for creating short-form and long-form AI music. These tools allow you to enter prompts, choose music duration and genre, and generate unique AI music for various platforms.


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    4. Is Canva a suitable tool for creating music videos without complex editing?
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