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    3 Free AI Presentation Makers

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    3 Free AI Presentation Makers

    Creating presentations can be a time-consuming task, but thankfully, there are now several AI presentation makers available that can assist in generating text and images for your slides. In this article, we will explore three popular AI applications for making presentations and provide a brief tutorial on each one to help you get started. Before we dive into the details, it's important to note three key points. Firstly, we have selected only those applications that either offer a free account option or provide enough credits for testing purposes. Secondly, the quality of the output presentation will depend on how detailed and accurate your text prompts are when interacting with the AI app. And lastly, while AI can be a useful tool, it should not be relied upon entirely for creating presentations. Gathering and organizing your own material is still essential. Now, let's take a look at these three AI apps.


    To begin, create an account by signing up on You will be prompted to choose a name for your space (such as your channel name) and will receive 500 AI credits to start with. You can invite other team members to your space as well. Once you're in your dashboard, select "Create" to start a new presentation. You can set a theme and then choose the "Create Presentation" option. Enter your presentation's title, and the AI will generate an outline and images for your slides. You can add more pages, tweak themes, and share or record your presentation using TOME.AI.

    Magic Slides.AI

    Magic Slides.AI is a Google Slides extension that utilizes AI to create presentations. Install the Magic Slides app and open a new Google slide. Go to Extensions > Magic Slides app GPT for slides to access the sidebar. Enter your text prompts and generate text and images for your presentation. Magic Slides.AI offers a free plan that allows for three presentations per month, with up to 10 slides per presentation.

    Prezi AI Presentation Assistant

    Prezi is a popular presentation maker that now incorporates AI to assist in creating presentations. After logging into your Prezi account, access the Prezi AI Presentation Assistant. Input the topic of your presentation, and the AI will generate slide topics for you. Choose a layout and let Prezi create your presentation with images and the Prezi effect, which provides zooming and visual interest. Edit and customize your slides as needed, then export or share your presentation. Prezi offers a free account option with limited features.


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    Q: Are these AI presentation makers completely free to use?
    A: While all three applications offer free account options, some features may be restricted or limited in the free versions. You may need to upgrade to a paid plan for access to additional features.

    Q: Can I edit the generated text and images in these AI apps?
    A: Yes, you have the ability to edit and customize the output of the AI in all three applications. You can make changes to text, images, themes, and layouts to suit your preferences and the specific requirements of your presentation.

    Q: Can I use these AI presentation makers for any topic?
    A: Yes, you can use these AI apps to create presentations on a wide range of topics. However, it's important to gather and organize your own material and not rely solely on the AI-generated content. The AI can assist in generating ideas and visuals, but your input and expertise are still crucial for creating a high-quality presentation.

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