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    3 Great Ideas on How to Edit a Video for Facebook | Ep 20

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    3 Great Ideas on How to Edit a Video for Facebook | Ep 20

    In our previous video, we discussed the pre-production and production stages of creating videos for Facebook. Now, let's delve into the editing stage, also known as the post-production stage, where you refine your video to maximize engagement on the platform.

    When editing a video for Facebook, there are three key ideas to keep in mind:

    Closed Captioning

    In today's digital world, where most users scroll through Facebook on their phones without enabling sound, closed captioning is crucial. It helps grab viewers' attention, allowing them to engage with your video even without sound. Whether you hard embed the captions or add a closed captioning file (SRT) to your video, this feature is essential for maximizing reach.

    Visual Graphics Text Elements

    Using textual graphics on-screen can reinforce key points and enhance viewer engagement, especially for those not listening to the audio. By visually highlighting important information, you can ensure a better understanding and retention of your message.

    Make a Square Video

    Research shows that square and vertical videos perform better on Facebook, as they occupy more screen space on mobile devices where most users access the platform. Creating a square video can significantly boost engagement and visibility, aligning with current user preferences and behaviors.


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    1. Why is closed captioning important for Facebook videos?
    2. How can visual graphics enhance the impact of a video?
    3. What are the benefits of making a square video for Facebook?

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