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    3 months using TikTok's Creativity Program Beta.

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    3 Months Using TikTok's Creativity Program Beta

    We have completed three months on the TikTok Creativity Program Beta, and the results are in. Brian S. Macho, host of the Tossing Salad Podcast, shares his experience with the program. In the first two months, the earnings averaged around $ 50 per month. However, in the third month (July 2023), the earnings more than doubled, reaching approximately $ 120 for the month. Brian's account, The Garden Voyeur, saw this significant increase in earnings, prompting him to share insights with fellow TikTokers who are curious about the program.


    TikTok, Creativity Program Beta, Earnings Growth, Content Creation, The Garden Voyeur


    1. What is the TikTok Creativity Program Beta?
    2. How long has Brian S. Macho been participating in the program?
    3. What were the earnings like in the first two months compared to the third month?
    4. What kind of content does Brian create on his TikTok account?
    5. How does Brian describe his experience with the program so far?

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