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    3x21 Emma kisses Hook from the past. Future Hook knock past Hook out

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    3x21 Emma kisses Hook from the past. Future Hook knock past Hook out

    I think I should rest for a moment. Tony, all right, I'm carried rum barrels heavier than you actually. I feel much better, Bill, they're all he's awesome. Captain, how did you... I thought you were still below deck and why does your vest keep changing? I seem to remember a nightcap was promised, find one and I'll be waiting. Mmm, something's not right here. You're right, you're still here. I think you know when my cap means here's a live one, our privacy, what are you doing here across the same of you? I thought I told you to keep me occupied. I am, I take you back to my ship... each ship, you know what I mean. I stole as long as I could have had you gone by now. I'll try to keep him above decks and get out of here. My guy, I do hope you're not having second. Apologies, me... that's beautiful. This year deserves my full attention. Are you kidding me? How is that not gonna have consequences? He was asking for it like I said, he blamed the rum. Let's get out of here.


    rest, rum barrels, Captain, nightcap, privacy, ship, consequences, rum


    1. What is the main event described in the script?
    2. Who are the characters involved in the scene?
    3. Why does the vest of the Captain keep changing?
    4. What role does the rum play in the interactions between the characters?
    5. What prompts the decision to leave the scene abruptly?

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