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    4. Audio Essentials | Creating Videos with Canva

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    Audio Essentials | Creating Videos with Canva

    In this video, we'll discover Canva's sound library and how to add multiple audio tracks to your movies. Music is an essential part of the movie-watching experience. Fortunately, Canva is packed with a vast library of audio and music tracks. To incorporate music into your project, follow these steps:

    1. Discover the audio library in the Elements tab or add the Audio tab from the More tab to your side panel.
    2. Select background music that aligns with the tone and message of your video by searching keywords for emotion or genre.
    3. Preview tracks in the object panel before selecting.
    4. Drag your chosen track to the project to fill the timeline for the video's duration.
    5. Modify the position and adjust the volume of the audio track as needed.
    6. Use the waveform in audio tracks to synchronize with the beat and time movement, aiding in scene arrangement and tempo adjustments.
    7. Incorporate multiple audio tracks for voiceovers and sound effects by uploading audio files and adjusting them alongside the background music.

    Add depth and professionalism to your videos by playing with audio elements in Canva.


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    1. How can Canva enhance video creation with its audio features?
    2. What steps can users take to find and incorporate background music from Canva's library?
    3. How do audio tracks with waveforms assist in synchronizing with video content?
    4. What are the benefits of using multiple audio tracks for voiceovers and sound effects in Canva?

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