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    4 NEW AI Tools Transforming Scientific Research You've Missed

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    4 NEW AI Tools Transforming Scientific Research You've Missed

    In the ever-evolving field of science and research, AI tools are becoming increasingly important in streamlining processes and unlocking new insights. While many AI tools are still in their early stages and may have some rough edges, there are a few standout tools that are making a significant impact. In this article, we will explore four new AI tools that are revolutionizing scientific research and have the potential to reshape how researchers work.

    1. Size Summary

    Size Summary is a collection of diverse and intriguing tools designed specifically for science and research. This tool offers a range of features that can aid researchers in their work, such as Library Summarize, Multi-article Summarize, and AI Abstract Generator.

    Library Summarize

    With Library Summarize, you can upload files, URLs, or texts and receive comprehensive summaries. The tool goes beyond simply providing a condensed version of the content by breaking it down into sections deemed important by the AI. Additionally, Size Summary offers different modes, including opportunities for future research, allowing researchers to brainstorm and identify research gaps.

    Multi-article Summarize

    Multi-article Summarize enables researchers to analyze and compare multiple articles simultaneously. By combining articles and utilizing various features like summarizing, comparing, and chatting, researchers can quickly identify key information and connections between different papers.

    AI Abstract Generator

    The AI Abstract Generator offers a helpful tool for generating abstracts for research papers. Although it may not be perfect, it provides a solid starting point, creating a summary that captures the essence of the research. Researchers can use this generated abstract as a draft and refine it further.

    Size Summary also provides additional features such as chat, figures, references, paper recommendations, and notes, making it a comprehensive tool for scientific research.

    2. E-Brain

    E-Brain is an AI research assistant that stands out due to its scientist-friendly summaries. This tool understands the specific needs and preferences of scientists, offering a comprehensive overview of research papers.

    By uploading a PDF, researchers gain access to various layers of information, including introduction, background context, main context, conclusion, and significance. E-Brain also provides section summaries, allowing for a deep dive into specific aspects of the research. Users can even click on figures for further explanations, though some features may require a paid subscription.

    While the free version offers a powerful summary, E-Brain has a subscription service that provides additional benefits.

    3. Lumin

    Lumin is a tool that focuses on finding and digesting scientific literature. By asking semantic questions related to a specific research field, Lumin searches the literature and provides concise summaries. One of the tool's strengths is its ability to deliver thorough and succinct summaries, avoiding unnecessary details.

    For each question asked, Lumin offers a direct answer along with the relevant sources. By clicking on the sources, researchers can access the papers and further explore the abstracts, authors, methods, and conclusions.

    Although the user interface may require some improvement, Lumin's potential for efficient literature review makes it a valuable tool for researchers.

    4. Cpub Plus

    Cpub Plus aims to assist researchers in navigating their research journey with a variety of tools such as outline, abstract aid, results reveal, method maker, linked linker, intro infer, and visual vibe. While this tool shows great promise, it currently lacks a smooth workflow.

    Cpub Plus requires users to create projects, fill in multiple fields, and go through several steps before accessing the desired tool. The complexity and lack of an intuitive interface make the tool less user-friendly. However, with some optimization, these features have the potential to significantly aid researchers once they become more accessible.


    • AI tools
    • Scientific research
    • Size Summary
    • Multi-article Summarize
    • AI Abstract Generator
    • E-Brain
    • Scientist-friendly summaries
    • Lumin
    • Literature review
    • Thorough and succinct summaries
    • Cpub Plus
    • Research journey assistance
    • Workflow


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