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    4 Ways To Hook A Bowling Ball (Easy To Hard)

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    4 Ways To Hook A Bowling Ball (Easy To Hard)

    Today, I'm going to teach you how to hook a bowling ball, one of the coolest things in the sport. Being able to see your ball go Coast to Coast and come back to throw big strikes is what makes the game exciting. Here, we'll cover four popular methods, ranging from easy to hard, to help you achieve that satisfying hook.

    In the first method, known as the "suitcase" or "handshake" method, you place your fingers along the side of the ball to create axis rotation. This simple technique can provide instant gratification for casual bowlers looking to add some hook to their shots.

    The second method, the "dirty" or two-finger, no-thumb method, involves inserting two fingers into the ball without using the thumb. This technique, often preferred by those seeking more power and hook, can increase rev rate and axis rotation.

    For those looking to take their game to the next level, the two-handed method is a popular choice, popularized by bowlers like Jason Belmonte and Oscar Palerma. Using two fingers and no thumb, with one hand supporting the ball, this approach reduces variables and focuses on creating maximum hook.

    Finally, the traditional thumb-in, free-swing style is a more challenging method that requires mastering hand positioning and release technique. By getting your hand under the ball and focusing on ball speed and axis rotation, you can achieve significant hook with this method.

    No matter which method you choose, remember that practice and technique are key to mastering the art of hooking a bowling ball and increasing your chances of hitting those strikes.


    • Bowling ball hooking techniques
    • Axis rotation
    • Ball speed
    • Rev rate
    • Two-handed method
    • Traditional thumb-in style


    • What is the importance of axis rotation in hooking a bowling ball?
    • Which method is recommended for casual bowlers looking to add hook to their shots?
    • How does the two-handed method differ from the two-finger, no-thumb technique?
    • What should bowlers focus on to increase hook potential when using the traditional thumb-in style?

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