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    4 Wix Features You Gotta Know

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    4 Wix Features You Gotta Know

    In this article, we will explore four key features on Wix that can enhance your website building experience. From video masks to hoverboxes, mega menus, and saved designs, Wix offers a range of tools to help you create visually appealing and interactive websites.

    The first feature we'll delve into is Shake video masks. With Shake video masks, users can apply different shapes to create unique aesthetics or import their own graphic to set as a shape mask. This feature allows for creative customization and visual impact.

    Moving on to the hoverbox feature, users can animate any element on their website and create eye-catching interactions. The level of control with hoverbox animations is precise, allowing for adjustments in animation ease, scale, size, and position to achieve desired effects.

    Next up is the mega menu, a feature that enables users to organize site menus into subcategories while also incorporating various elements like text, buttons, and images. The mega menu not only enhances site navigation but also adds visual appeal with customizable design options.

    Lastly, we have My Designs, a feature that allows users to save sections or components they have created and use them as templates for other pages or sites. This time-saving feature streamlines the design process and promotes consistency across projects.

    In conclusion, these four Wix features - Shake video masks, hoverbox animations, mega menus, and My Designs - offer users powerful tools to create stunning and engaging websites. Utilizing these features can elevate the design and functionality of your site, making it stand out in the digital landscape.


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