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    4 x AI Dashboard Designs in 60 SECONDS!

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    4 x AI Dashboard Designs in 60 SECONDS!

    Designing dashboards and reports can be a time-consuming task, especially for those who are not artistically inclined. However, with the help of AI, creating visually appealing dashboards becomes quicker and easier. In this article, we will explore the experience of using AI to generate four dashboard designs in just 60 seconds, the limitations of using AI for design purposes, and key considerations for effectively using AI-generated designs in reports.

    Designing dashboards and reports can be a time-consuming task particularly if you're not artistically inclined so when AI designed these four dashboards you see behind me in just 60 seconds from a sentence worth of instructions I was super excited I think you'll agree they're eye-catching and they make you want to take a closer look which is half the battle in getting your audience to read your report we'll talk about the more important other half of the battle later first let me take you through the AI tool I used and the process at the end I'll also share the cons of using AI to design your reports so you don't end up with something that's all style and no substance so be sure to stay tuned everyone is talking about chat GPT which provides text-based AI answers to questions so I started by trying out chat GPT's sister service for generating images called darly I asked it to create a Microsoft Excel dashboard containing ch Arts displaying quarterly sales data over a 2-year period and unfortunately it's generated dashboard images that look like they were made in 1985 thankfully there's another service called mid Journey which is more up to the task although not without its own limitations and I'll talk more about that later after signing up for an account with mid Journey you use Discord to request the images which seems a little odd especially if you've never used Discord before my teenage Sons will be rolling their eye should they ever watch this video now you start by selecting a newcomer room for new bees and then in the message you enter SL imagine press enter and it opens the prompt field and here you simply describe in words what you'd like and it spits out four ideas from there you can ask for variations of a design or simply ask another question tweaking the instructions to get the desired result now these are public rooms so you can see what others have requested and they can see what you've requested if you sign up for a paid account and you get access to a member's gallery and with the Pro Plan there's also an option to opt out of your images being public by the way I'm not affiliated with mid Journey so if you sign up for a plan I don't make any money now it stores your designs in your homepage and my first attempts were okay I started by asking it to create a Microsoft Excel dashboard report for coffee company displaying monthly sales data over one year with six different charts and in 60 seconds I got these four Images which are okay but they're not amazing notice it's used shades of brown in keeping with the coffee theme but most of the dashboard images have ignored the instructions to include six different charts so I thought maybe powerbi dashboard designs will be better so I asked it for a powerbi dashboard for tracking Global clothing company sales and distribution data and I got this it's better than the Excel dashboards and in the the absence of anything specific in my request it appears to have taken inspiration from the powerbi logo for the color theme I then asked it to upscale one of the designs so I could see it better notice the text is illegible so don't expect help with knowing what metrics to include I then asked for some variations on one of the designs but there's not a lot of difference between them and then I thought I could admit the application name alog together from my request and see if I can get something more eye-catching by specifying a color scheme so I asked it for a dashboard report displaying different types of charts and visuals for a bicycle company's sales and distribution data kpis using a dark color theme including bright blue and pink and I got this you can see the more descriptive you can be the more likely you'll get something elaborate and closer to what you're after no doubt you're excited to give AI a try for designing your dashboards and reports but before you go all in let's understand the limitations the good news is as nothing in these designs that can't be achieved in XL or powerbi however if we take a closer look at one of the dashboard designs you can see it's very light on details it contains a load of pretty visuals that have no substance as well as what appears to be piles of bike parts that will serve no purpose in a business report also the bike in the middle is taking up some prime dashboard real estate so you probably wouldn't keep this at best we can use this design for color inspiration assuming your audience aren't color blind the contrasting boxes behind each visual nicely segregate the data and the blue and pink font for the chart titles with gray labels complement the color scheme don't be tempted to create charts to match those in the design the prime driver of the visuals you included in your report should meet the business purpose of the dashboard if you're displaying data over time then use a line or column chart if you're showing parts St hole with three or less segments use a pie or donut chart if your categories have long labels use a bar chart Etc now I cover more on chart best practices in my Excel dashboard course which you can find at the link in the video description so the bottom line is have some fun getting ideas for your reports from Ai and mid Journey but don't use it to inform decisions on what charts to include in your dashboard and certainly don't include charts for the sake of Art or piles of bite parts for that matter and keep in mind as defined by Steven FW the objective of a dashboard report is to provide a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives displayed on a single screen so it can be monitored at a glance well I hope you found this tutorial useful if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more and why not share it with your friends who might also find it useful thanks for [Music] watching


    • AI Dashboard Designs
    • Mid Journey
    • Designing Reports
    • Chat GPT
    • Dashboard Design Best Practices


    • Can AI make dashboard design quicker and easier?
    • What are the limitations of using AI for designing reports?
    • How can one effectively use AI-generated designs in reports?
    • What are some best practices for designing dashboards and reports?

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