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    4K quality, color correction and text TUTORIAL (After Effects and Topaz settings)

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    4K Quality, Color Correction, and Text TUTORIAL (After Effects and Topaz Settings)

    Today, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on enhancing the quality of your videos, adding color corrections, and incorporating text effects using After Effects and Topaz settings.

    1. Upscale Video Quality with Topaz Video Enhance AI: Begin by uploading your video clip to Topaz Video Enhance AI. Apply the provided settings, start the processing, and witness the improved video quality.

    2. Scene Edit Detection in Premiere Pro: Next, upload the processed clip to Premiere Pro and utilize the scene edit detection feature. This will allow automatic cuts at each out point for efficient editing.

    3. **Composition in After Effects:** Create a composition in After Effects, import clips from Premiere Pro, trim the composition, adjust clip positions, and add text effects using the provided style and shadow settings.

    4. **Color Correction:** Generate an adjustment layer in After Effects for color correction using the specified effects.

    5. Finishing Touches: After arranging the text and applying color correction, finalize the video with music and visual enhancements.

    Thank you for following along with this tutorial! Let us know if you found it helpful and if you would like to see more tutorials in the future.


    Topaz Video Enhance AI, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Color Correction, Text Effects, Video Quality Enhancement, Tutorial


    1. How can I improve video quality using Topaz Video Enhance AI?
    2. What is the significance of scene edit detection in Premiere Pro?
    3. Which software is recommended for adding text effects and color correction to videos?
    4. Do the provided settings for Topaz Video Enhance AI and After Effects work well for all types of videos?
    5. Is it necessary to follow the exact steps outlined in the tutorial, or can adjustments be made based on individual preferences?

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