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    5 A.I. Tools for Video Editing

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    5 A.I. Tools for Video Editing

    Welcome to the channel, where our goal is to fix it in camera and finesse it in post. Thanks to A.I., the editing process has become much easier and time-saving. In this article, we will explore five A.I. tools that are currently revolutionizing video editing.

    Time Bolt

    The first tool on our list is Time Bolt, which is perfect for editing talking head interviews, podcasts, or any footage with breaks and pauses. Time Bolt performs a rough edit by eliminating spaces in the video. It is compatible with various editing software such as Final Cut, Premiere, and DaVinci, as it exports in XML format. This tool saves time by generating an XML file that can be imported into your preferred editing software. Simply drop your file into Time Bolt, let it analyze the speech, and generate a preview. You can use this preview for editing right within the application or export it as a final video. This tool is a real time-saver when dealing with repetitive editing tasks.


    Keeper is an A.I. tool that uses machine learning to separate people from the background in videos. It is great for color correction and isolating the foreground from the background. Keeper not only isolates the person but also takes into account their clothing, making it easier to adjust and edit the separate layers. Additionally, Keeper allows you to add titles under the subject, providing a quick and efficient way to convey your ideas.


    Captioners is a captioning tool that helps in transcribing videos. There are two popular options available: Captionator and Caption for FCP. Captionator allows you to export a specific portion of audio for transcription, and you can adjust the style and number of words per caption. Caption for FCP, on the other hand, transcribes the entire timeline, allowing you to edit the captions within the application. Both tools offer affordable pricing and can be found in the Mac App Store.

    Remix Feature in Premiere Pro

    The remix feature in Premiere Pro allows for easy adjustment of audio track duration. By using the Ripple edit tool and selecting the remix option, you can change the length of a track to fit your needs. Premiere Pro analyzes the audio and produces a version with a coherent beginning, middle, and end. This feature is particularly useful for shortening or lengthening background music, eliminating the guesswork and saving time.

    Voice Isolation in Final Cut

    Built-in to Final Cut is the voice isolation tool, which helps clean up audio with background noise. Whether it's fans, outdoor noise, or other atmospheric sounds, voice isolation removes unwanted elements, making the audio more usable. It provides a nice balance between the voice and background, enhancing the quality of the audio.


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    1. What is the purpose of Time Bolt? Time Bolt is designed to eliminate spaces in videos, making the editing process faster and more efficient, especially for talking head interviews, podcasts, or any footage with breaks and pauses.

    2. Can Keeper separate people from the background in videos? Yes, Keeper uses machine learning to isolate people from the background in videos, allowing for easy color correction and adjustment of separate layers.

    3. How can captioning tools like Captioners help with video transcriptions? Captioners, such as Captionator and Caption for FCP, offer affordable options for transcribing videos, making the process quick and seamless. These tools allow you to generate captions that can be edited and customized according to your preferences.

    4. What is the remix feature in Premiere Pro? The remix feature in Premiere Pro allows for easy adjustment of audio track duration. By using the Ripple edit tool, you can change the length of a track to fit your needs, with Premiere Pro analyzing the audio and producing a version with a coherent structure.

    5. What is voice isolation in Final Cut? Voice isolation is a built-in tool in Final Cut that helps clean up audio by reducing background noise. It improves the quality of the audio by isolating the voice from ambient sounds, making it clearer and more professional.

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