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    5 AI tools Every Creator NEEDS to use in 2023!

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    5 AI tools Every Creator NEEDS to use in 2023!

    In recent years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become increasingly integrated into various industries, including video production. With the help of AI-driven tools, creators can enhance their videos and streamline the creative process. In this article, we will explore five essential AI tools for creators in 2023, their functionalities, and how they can revolutionize video production.

    Chat GPT: The Smart Chat Bot for Creative Assistance

    Chat GPT is an intelligent chatbot designed to provide instant answers and creative assistance. Whether you need video ideas, titles, or scripts, Chat GPT can deliver tailored suggestions. By simply asking questions or describing your requirements, Chat GPT generates responses and recommendations within seconds. It even offers editing suggestions, such as ideal moments for b-roll or opening shots, making it an invaluable tool for brainstorming and overcoming creative block.

    Descript: Text-Based Editing for Effortless Video Editing

    Descript is an AI-powered editing tool renowned for its text-based editing feature. Upon importing footage, Descript automatically transcribes it, creating a text document that allows video editing as if working with written content. This streamlined approach enables creators to delete sentences, make cuts, and efficiently navigate their videos. Additionally, Descript offers the convenience of exporting the edited timeline and assets to other video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Track Club: Customizable AI-Powered Music for Your Videos

    Track Club is a website offering a vast collection of high-quality music for videos. Utilizing Mixlab technology, Track Club allows creators to customize songs to perfectly match their videos' vibe and pacing. While not technically-driven by AI, the customization process shares similarities with AI tools. With Track Club, creators gain access to stems, enabling them to adjust individual tracks, mute or enhance specific elements, and even change the BPM (beats per minute) to align with the video's energy. This customization offers unparalleled flexibility and eliminates concerns of copyright infringement with instant clearance on YouTube.

    Adobe Sensei: Enhancing Editing Speed and Efficiency

    Adobe Sensei is Adobe's proprietary AI, packed with an expanding range of features designed to enhance editing processes. One remarkable feature is its Ripple Edit tool, coupled with Audio Remix. This powerful combination allows creators to effortlessly extend or shorten songs without disrupting their rhythm or manually aligning beats. Adobe Sensei's machine learning capabilities also excel in stabilizing, upscaling, and slowing down footage. By employing AI algorithms, Adobe Sensei produces superior results compared to traditional methods, improving overall video quality and eliminating the need for extensive manual adjustments.

    Auto Reframe: Streamlining Video Adaptation for Multiple Platforms

    When uploading videos to social media platforms, creators face the challenge of different aspect ratios required by each platform. Auto Reframe, an AI-driven tool within Adobe Premiere Pro, solves this problem seamlessly. By right-clicking on a sequence and selecting Auto Reframe, creators can automatically reframe videos for various social media platforms. This simplifies the process of adapting videos to different aspect ratios, saving time and effort.

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    Q1: How can Chat GPT assist creators in video production? Chat GPT is a smart chatbot that provides creative assistance to creators. It offers video ideas, titles, and even generates scripts. It can be an invaluable tool for brainstorming and overcoming creative block.

    Q2: Why is Descript useful for video editing? Descript offers text-based editing, making it easy to navigate videos, delete sentences, and create cuts. Its efficiency is particularly beneficial for those who prefer working with text rather than visual timelines.

    Q3: Does Track Club offer copyright-cleared music? Yes, Track Club provides high-quality music made by real artists, with instant clearance on YouTube to avoid copyright claims or strikes.

    Q4: What makes Adobe Sensei stand out in video editing? Adobe Sensei utilizes AI algorithms to enhance editing speed and efficiency. It excels in tasks like stabilizing footage, upscaling resolution, and slowing down videos while maintaining smoothness.

    Q5: How does Auto Reframe simplify adapting videos for different platforms? Auto Reframe, an AI-driven tool in Adobe Premiere Pro, automatically adjusts videos to different aspect ratios required by various social media platforms. This streamlines the process of adapting videos, saving time and effort for creators.

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