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    5 Ai Video Editing Tools that saved me 1,000+ hours

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    5 Ai Video Editing Tools that saved me 1,000+ hours

    I have a successful career as a video editor with over 250 million views credited to my name, working with high-level YouTubers. In this article, I will unveil five AI tools that have ranked from useful to incredible, personally saving me hundreds and hundreds of hours of editing time.

    The first tool I will discuss is Premiere Pro's text-based editing feature. This tool uses AI to automatically detect points of silence in a video, allowing for easy deletion and a smoother final cut. Additionally, it enables editing through text, streamlining the process and saving time.

    Another tool, Opus clip AI, is designed for creating short-form content for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. This tool automatically generates viral clips and adds engaging captions based on AI analysis, revolutionizing the content creation process.

    Moving on, Runway offers various AI tools, including in-painting, which seamlessly removes objects from videos frame by frame, and text-to-video, which generates short video clips based on text input. These tools offer endless creative possibilities for video editors.

    Furthermore, image generation tools like DALL-E by Chat GPT are invaluable for creating specific visuals that are not readily available, like generating a unique image of a jar of broccoli for a video concept. This tool opens up new possibilities for creatively representing ideas through visuals.

    Lastly, Kyber AI stands out as a tool that allows for the generation of entire videos using AI. With detailed and intricate capabilities, this tool can manipulate videos and images creatively, offering a high level of customization for video editors.

    These AI video editing tools have significantly optimized my workflow, saving me over 1,000 hours and enhancing the creative process in video editing.


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    1. Can AI completely take over video editing? While AI tools can streamline time-consuming tasks in video editing, they cannot replace the creative and strategic input that human editors bring to the process.

    2. Are these AI tools accessible to beginners in video editing? Some AI tools mentioned, like Premiere Pro's text-based editing, can be user-friendly even for beginners, while others may require more advanced editing skills to leverage effectively.

    3. How accurate are AI-generated visuals in video editing tools? AI tools like DALL-E and Kyber AI have shown impressive accuracy in generating visuals, but there may still be limitations in achieving a 100% realistic output, especially in more complex editing tasks.

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