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    5 All-Time Best Free Video Converters for PC (No Watermark)

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    5 All-Time Best Free Video Converters for PC (No Watermark)

    In this article, we will explore the top 5 free video converters for PC that do not leave a watermark. Let's delve into each of them:

    1. MediaCoder: Although its interface may be a bit confusing initially, MediaCoder simplifies the process once you get started. You can easily add files and adjust output settings such as audio and video parameters. Clicking on the start button initiates the conversion process.

    2. VLC Media Player: Known primarily for playing videos, VLC also offers a conversion feature. By navigating to the media settings and selecting the files you want to convert, you can choose from preset profiles or delve into advanced options before starting the conversion.

    3. AVS Video Converter: With its user-friendly interface, AVS Video Converter allows you to quickly add files and make adjustments to audio and video settings. Simply click "Convert now" once you're satisfied with the settings to initiate the conversion.

    4. Handbrake: While Handbrake is a powerful tool, it may require additional installations and show warnings during setup. After adding files and configuring settings, you can select presets and start encoding the video.

    5. Prism: Ideal for personal use, Prism offers a straightforward process for converting videos. You can select the format, adjust advanced options, and click on the convert button to begin the process.


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    1. Are these video converters completely free to use?
    2. Do any of these video converters leave watermarks on the converted videos?
    3. Which video converter is recommended for beginners due to its user-friendly interface?
    4. Is there a specific video converter known for its advanced options and customization features?
    5. Do any of the video converters mentioned have any known issues or requirements for installation?

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