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    5 Best AI Video Maker Software of 2023

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    5 Best AI Video Maker Software of 2023

    Are you in search of the best AI video editor for your business? Look no further! Choosing the right AI video maker is crucial for achieving professional-quality videos and cost-effective solutions. In this article, we will introduce the top five AI video maker software of 2023. We will discuss their key features, pricing, and user reviews to help you make an informed decision. So, let's dive in!

    1. InVideo

    InVideo is an excellent choice for both small business owners and well-known brands. It offers a vast content bank of images and videos from online repositories like Storyblocks and Shutterstock. With sophisticated editing tools, pre-made themes, and customizable templates, InVideo allows you to create professional-looking videos for various business requirements, including marketing, event planning, promotions, and branding. However, the downside is that the best video and image libraries are accessible only with the most expensive membership tiers.

    2. Pick 3

    Pick 3 is an online video editing tool that enables you to create high-quality videos quickly and easily. One of its standout features is the ability to edit videos by deleting words from the video transcription, making the editing process even more streamlined. Additionally, Pick 3 offers AI voices or the option to use your own voiceover, and it includes features like automatic subtitle generation. While it may take some time for the videos to render, Pick 3 provides a wide range of options for making engaging videos.

    3. Synthesia

    Synthesia allows you to create impressive talking head videos from text in no time. It's a great tool for converting dull documents like PowerPoint presentations or PDFs into exciting videos for training, marketing, or tutorials. With Synthesia, you can personalize avatars, making it appear as if you are the virtual presenter. However, keep in mind that the Avatar videos created with Synthesia cannot be used for commercial promotion due to licensing restrictions.

    4. Lumen 5

    Lumen 5 is known for being one of the quickest video creation systems available. It offers a wide range of video types to choose from, making it easy to create content for social media posts, advertisements, and more. Lumen 5 provides cool templates and allows you to repurpose existing content swiftly. However, it's worth noting that the free plan includes a large Lumen 5 watermark on all videos, which may not give your brand a professional appearance.

    5. Glia Studio

    Glia Studio by Glia Cloud is a powerful video maker that offers a news-like video style. It allows you to create timely and engaging videos from content URLs or templates. Glia Studio's videos have a modern touch and a social media vibe, making them perfect for your online presence. While the software may not produce the most advanced videos, it excels at creating bite-sized teasers that drive traffic to your website. However, the downside is that the Pro subscription does not support full HD video.


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    1. What is the best AI video maker software for small businesses?
    • InVideo is an excellent choice with its wide range of templates, content bank, and sophisticated editing tools.
    1. Can Pick 3 automatically generate subtitles for videos?
    • Yes, Pick 3 offers automatic subtitle generation, making it easier to add captions or subtitles to your videos.
    1. Can Synthesia be used for commercial promotion?
    • No, the license for Synthesia does not permit the use of Avatar videos for commercial promotion.
    1. Is Lumen 5 suitable for creating videos for social media?
    • Absolutely! Lumen 5 offers various video types and templates, making it perfect for creating content for social media platforms.
    1. Can Glia Studio produce high-quality videos?
    • While Glia Studio's videos may not be as sophisticated as those created by high-end video editors, they excel at creating engaging and viral videos for your online channels.

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