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    5 Common Mistakes When Installing Video Security System

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    5 Common Mistakes When Installing Video Security System

    A variety of problems can occur when setting up a video security system, costing extra time and money. To avoid these issues, it's essential to be aware of common mistakes during installation. In this article, we will explore five common errors that are often made during the installation of video security systems.

    1. Installing infrared cameras in the wrong places: Placing infrared cameras in areas where the beams are blocked can lead to overexposed images in low-light conditions. It's crucial to direct the cameras away from surfaces that reflect infrared light directly back at the camera.

    2. Forgetting to remove protective film from the camera: Leaving protective foam or film on the camera after installation can impact image clarity. It's important to remove all protective coverings before powering up the camera to avoid any issues.

    3. Misaligned camera angles: Incorrectly positioning the camera can waste the field of view. It's recommended to double-check and adjust the camera angle post-installation to ensure optimal coverage.

    4. Ignoring distance limits of wires: Not adhering to the maximum distance limit for UTP cabling over Ethernet (100 meters) can result in data loss and power issues. Utilizing appropriate options like extending distance switches can help overcome this limitation.

    5. Neglecting waterproofing for cables: While camera housings may be waterproof, the cables are not. Failing to waterproof the cables can lead to rusting and damage. Properly sealing the cable connections using waterproof tape and jackets is essential.


    • Infrared cameras
    • Protective film
    • Camera angles
    • UTP cabling
    • Waterproofing cables


    1. Why is it important to remove protective film from the camera before powering it up?

      • Leaving protective foam or film on the camera can impact image clarity and result in issues post-installation, such as poor image quality.
    2. How can misaligned camera angles affect the field of view?

      • Installing a camera at too steep of an angle can waste a significant portion of the field of view, leading to potential blind spots in the surveillance coverage.
    3. What are the consequences of neglecting to waterproof cables in a video security system?

      • Neglecting to waterproof cables can result in rusting, damage to the connections, and even render the cameras useless due to water vapor accumulation, necessitating replacement.

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