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    5 Crazy Ai Art Apps - You didn't know existed!

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    5 Crazy AI Art Apps - You Didn't Know Existed!

    In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue became the first machine to defeat a human in chess. Fast forward 25 years, and machines have been perfecting their art and learning at an incredible rate. This rapid advancement has made many graphic designers worried. However, in this article, we will introduce you to five incredible AI art apps that will leave you amazed. These apps utilize AI cloud processing, which is initially free for a limited time. While some features may require a subscription, you can trial run many of these apps for free. So, let's dive in and explore these mind-blowing apps!

    1. Wonder AI - Astonishing AI Art Generation

    Wonder AI is a versatile app that allows you to specify the size of the image you want to create. It offers a wide range of styles to choose from and provides preset inspirations created by other users. You can modify these prompts to create unique and stunning artwork. Wonder AI generates three versions of the image to choose from and allows you to edit the prompt even after creating the image. You can also share your creations with the community. Wonder AI is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

    2. Dream by Wombo - Unlock Your Artistic Imagination

    Dream by Wombo offers an extensive collection of styles to choose from. You can simply type in a prompt and select a style to create captivating art. This app excels in creating crossover art, allowing you to combine different characters or themes in a single image. Dream by Wombo provides variations of the image to choose from, and you can finalize and save your favorite creations. It also allows you to use your own photos as references for generating unique styles. Dream by Wombo is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

    3. LENSER - AI Art and Much More

    LENSER is a versatile app that provides an AI avatar generator along with several other intriguing neural filters and effects. You can easily create avatars using your own photos, and LENSER AI transforms them into artistic renditions. The app allows you to adjust the influence of the original image on the final artwork. LENSER also offers other manual editing options and a vibrant community for sharing and exploring creations.

    4. AI Generator by Tap Universe - Endless AI Art Possibilities

    AI Generator by Tap Universe offers a unique approach to generating AI art. While it requires more prompts to achieve desired results, it provides a wide range of pre-designed images to inspire your creations. You can use these pre-designed images as prompts and modify them to your liking. AI Generator allows you to generate multiple variations of your artwork and save them to your library. This app offers a one-time purchase option, making it a cost-effective choice for AI art enthusiasts.

    5. MID JOURNEY - The Ultimate AI Art Platform (Beta Version)

    MID JOURNEY is the pinnacle of AI art apps, currently in the beta phase. It offers a wide range of artistic possibilities and is completely free for a certain number of renders. To access MID JOURNEY, you need to join their Discord server and follow the instructions. It might take some time for renders to be created, but the results are incredibly impressive. MID JOURNEY provides an extensive library of AI-generated images and allows you to upscale, refine, and download your creations. Considered the best AI art platform, it offers a subscription option for unlimited access to premium features.

    Keywords: IBM Deep Blue, AI cloud processing, Wonder AI, Dream by Wombo, LENSER, AI Generator by Tap Universe, MID JOURNEY


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