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    5 MORE Editing Mistakes YouTubers Do That I Hate...

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    5 MORE Editing Mistakes YouTubers Do That I Hate...

    When I was younger, I knew I wanted to be a YouTuber, so I studied filmmaking at a fancy film school. However, traditional media rules didn't align with what I wanted to do on YouTube. In this article, I discuss five editing mistakes that YouTubers often make, which are not taught in traditional media education.

    1. Jump Cuts: Jump cuts are essential for pacing in videos. It's crucial to ensure that the jump cuts maintain the flow and don't disrupt the viewer's engagement.

    2. Unmotivated Sequences: Including cinematic shots like drone footage or slow-motion without a clear purpose can bore the audience if they don't contribute to the story's progression.

    3. Spending Too Much Time on Minor Segments: Focusing excessively on a small segment of the video can lead to time management issues and affect the overall quality of the content.

    4. Choosing Wrong Music: The choice of music is vital in setting the tone and enhancing the viewer's emotional experience. The wrong music can make a video feel incomplete and awkward.

    5. Lack of Original Ideas: It's important to draw inspiration from various sources but to also infuse your unique voice and personality into the content to create something original.


    jump cuts, pacing, unmotivated sequences, time management, music choice, originality


    1. How important are jump cuts in video editing? Jump cuts play a crucial role in maintaining the pacing of a video and keeping the audience engaged. They help in eliminating unnecessary pauses and optimizing the flow of content.

    2. Why is it essential to have a clear motivation for including cinematic shots in videos? Including shots like drone footage or slow-motion should contribute to the overall story progression. Without a clear purpose, such shots may slow down the video and lead to viewer disengagement.

    3. How can YouTubers manage their time effectively while editing a video? It's crucial for YouTubers to prioritize tasks and avoid spending too much time on minor segments. By focusing on completing the essential parts first and saving the exciting elements for later, time management can be optimized.

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