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    5 Ways to Speed Up Video Editing with Ai

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    5 Ways to Speed Up Video Editing with AI

    As a video editor, the fear of AI replacing traditional editing skills may loom large. However, AI is not out to take over but rather act as a personal assistant to enhance the creative process. By leveraging AI tools in Adobe apps and external resources, editors can streamline their workflow and unleash their creativity. Let's explore five ways AI can speed up video editing and empower editors to craft compelling content efficiently.

    Color Correction and Grading: Adobe Sensei technology in Premiere Pro enables automatic color correction with the click of a button, allowing editors to fine-tune intensity levels or customize parameters for stylizing footage. Additionally, AI-powered tools like Runway can generate LUTs for unique color grading styles.

    Text-Based Editing: Utilizing speech-to-text features in Premiere Pro facilitates editing by transcribing dialogue from videos, enabling editors to build rough cuts using text elements. AI tools like AutoCut can automatically remove silences in dialogue, making the editing process smoother and more efficient.

    RotoBrush and Background Removal: AI-powered tools like RotoBrush 2.0 in After Effects assist in precise masking of subjects in videos, while features like Photoshop's generative fill can modify or replace backgrounds effortlessly.

    Remix Tool for Audio: Adobe's Remix tool in Premiere Pro uses AI to adjust music tracks to desired lengths seamlessly, making it easy to create loops or shorten tracks for video edits. Sites like SoundRaw and Upbeat AI offer AI-generated music options for video backgrounds.

    AI for Music Composition: Platforms like SoundRaw offer AI-generated music tracks based on genre and moods, while Upbeat AI provides curated playlists based on user descriptions, offering human-created music options.

    By embracing AI tools as assistants rather than replacements, video editors can enhance their creative output and efficiency, making the editing process more streamlined and enjoyable.


    AI, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Color Correction, RotoBrush, Music Composition


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