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    6 AI Tools For Creating Viral Vertical Video Content!

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    6 AI Tools For Creating Viral Vertical Video Content!

    Are you looking to create viral vertical video content? With the advancement of AI tools, it has become easier to edit videos and repurpose long-form content into short, engaging clips. In this article, we will explore six AI tools that can help you create viral vertical video content in no time. is an AI-powered tool that extracts engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos. By using state-of-the-art generative AI and marketing analytics, identifies the most compelling hooks and extracts relevant highlights from different parts of the video. It seamlessly rearranges these clips into cohesive and viral short videos. Simply input your YouTube link, and will generate the desired format, whether it be square, vertical, or horizontal. You can also add captions and choose from a variety of templates. is another AI-based content repurposing tool. With a free version that offers 75 minutes of upload time every month, aims to save you 90% of your time and effort. This tool automatically generates viral short clips with captions and provides different templates and emojis to enhance your content.

    Opus Clip

    Opus Clip's motto is "one long video, 10 viral clips, created 10 times faster." This generative AI video tool analyzes your video to identify the most compelling moments, extracts relevant highlights, and seamlessly rearranges them into cohesive short videos. Opus Clip also generates a score to show the potential virality of each clip, based on other viral videos. It analyzes video captions, automatically adds relevant emojis, and ensures that your face is centered in the video frame.


    Descript is a comprehensive video and audio editor that goes beyond repurposing videos into viral clips. With Descript, you can remove video backgrounds, filler words, background noise, and even clone your voice. This tool uses the power of AI to skip the hard part of video editing. Descript's clip creation feature allows you to quickly create clips with templates and subtitles, making it easy to share your content on various social platforms.


    Autopod is a game-changer for those using Adobe Premiere. This tool offers automatic editing for video podcasts and shows, saving hours of production time. Autopod's plugins allow you to edit multi-angle videos, cutting between speakers effortlessly and significantly reducing editing time. It also features a social clip creator, making it simple to create clips for different platforms and resolutions. Additionally, Autopod has a jump cut editor that cuts out downtime in your footage based on decibel points, ensuring a smooth and engaging final product.


    Streamyard is primarily known as a web-based platform for seamless multi-streaming to different social media platforms. However, it also offers a shorts and reels creator feature. By connecting your Streamyard account to your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Reels, or TikTok accounts, you can easily trim clips and export them to these platforms. While still a basic tool for clip creation, Streamyard's integration provides convenience and is an excellent option for content creators looking to repurpose their live streams.

    Overall, these AI tools have made it easier to create viral vertical video content. Whether you want to repurpose your long-form videos into short clips, remove filler words, or enhance your content with captions and emojis, these tools offer a range of features to meet your needs. Give them a try and unlock the potential of your content today.


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    Q: Can these AI tools save time and effort in video editing? A: Yes, these AI tools are designed to streamline the process of video editing, making it faster and more efficient.

    Q: Do these tools offer free versions? A: Yes, some of these tools provide free versions with limited features, allowing users to test them out before upgrading to premium versions.

    Q: Can these tools enhance my video content with captions, emojis, and templates? A: Absolutely! These tools offer various features to enhance your video content, such as adding captions, emojis, and using different templates.

    Q: Which tool is recommended for seamless multi-streaming to different social media platforms? A: Streamyard is an excellent tool for seamless multi-streaming to various social media platforms while also offering a feature for creating shorts and reels.

    Q: Are AI tools still in development, or are they fully functional? A: While these AI tools are functional and offer valuable features, they are continually being improved and updated to provide users with the best possible experience.

    One more thing

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