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    7 AI Tools in Premiere Pro you NEED TO KNOW about!

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    7 AI Tools in Premiere Pro you NEED TO KNOW about!

    AI is revolutionizing video editing, and Premiere Pro is at the forefront of this transformation. In this article, we will explore seven AI features in Premiere Pro that can enhance your video editing process and help you create professional-quality videos faster than ever before.

    AI-powered tools in Premiere Pro are changing the game for video editors. From text-based editing to auto-reframing sequences, these tools are designed to streamline the editing process and make it more efficient. Let's dive into the key AI features you need to know about in Premiere Pro.

    Text-Based Editing

    Text-based editing is a game-changer in Premiere Pro. It allows you to edit rough cuts and interviews quickly and efficiently by cutting editing time in half. Instead of navigating through the timeline, you can make edits directly in the transcript, effectively editing your video as if it were a Word document. Premiere Pro even detects filler words like "um" and "ah" for easy removal with just a click.

    Auto Reframe

    Auto reframe is another powerful AI tool in Premiere Pro that automatically reframes your sequence for different platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Simply right-click on the project bin and select auto reframe sequence to adjust the aspect ratio and motion tracking speed, allowing you to optimize your video for various platforms effortlessly.

    Scene Edit Detection

    Premiere Pro's Scene Edit Detection is an AI-powered tool that helps you identify cuts in a final video. This feature is useful for rebuilding an edit or repurposing a video when you don't have access to the original project files. Simply drop the video on the timeline, enable Scene Edit Detection, and Premiere Pro will detect and mark all cut points for easy re-editing.

    Automatic Ducking

    Ducking is a vital aspect of audio mixing, and Premiere Pro's AI-powered automatic ducking feature simplifies this process. By labeling dialogue and music tracks in the Essential Sound panel and adjusting the ducking amount and fade duration, Premiere Pro can automatically balance the volume levels between dialogue and music, ensuring a clear and cohesive audio mix.

    Color Correction

    Color correction is a crucial step in the video editing process, and Premiere Pro's AI-powered Auto feature in the Lumetri Color panel makes it easier than ever. With a click of a button, Premiere Pro can automatically correct exposure and white balance in a clip, saving you time and effort in the color grading process.

    Enhanced Speech Slider

    Premiere Pro's Enhanced Speech Slider in the Essential Sound panel allows you to enhance dialogue audio by adjusting the mix amount. This feature is perfect for improving the clarity and presence of dialogue in your videos, making them more engaging and professional.

    Automatic Transcription

    Premiere Pro's automatic transcription feature saves time and enhances the editing process by transcribing all sequences automatically. By enabling this feature in the settings, you can navigate through your timeline more efficiently using the transcript, making editing tasks quicker and more accessible.


    Text-Based Editing, Auto Reframe, Scene Edit Detection, Automatic Ducking, Color Correction, Enhanced Speech Slider, Automatic Transcription


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