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    7 Digital Products You Can Make Using AI ($34,901/Month)

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    7 Digital Products You Can Make Using AI ($ 34,901/Month)

    Are you interested in creating digital products using AI tools? In this article, we will explore seven profitable digital products that you can make using AI. These products have the potential to generate over $ 34,901 per month and offer a wide variety of options to suit different interests and niches. Although we will cover these ideas briefly, full-length tutorials will be available in the coming weeks. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel to catch those videos.

    When it comes to digital products, you can expect a high profit margin of approximately 91% and minimal effort because they are mostly passive income. Furthermore, as these digital products are still relatively untapped by the masses, there is ample opportunity to explore and establish yourself in these niches. So, without further ado, let's dive into the seven digital product ideas.

    Idea 1: Generating Patterns using AI

    One unique digital product idea involves generating patterns using AI. For example, Sweet Shop Design sells digital download patterns that can be used for printable papers or any other creative purpose. With approximately 35,000 sales, this shop has likely earned around $ 70,000. Similarly, Helen's shop, Papers by Helen, has made around $ 14,000 with just 5,500 sales. The profit potential may not be as high as some other ideas, but the ease of generating patterns with AI makes it an attractive option.

    Using an AI image generation tool like Mid-Journey, you can create seamless pattern designs effortlessly. By providing a prompt, Mid-Journey will generate an image based on that prompt. You can then use a tool like Photopea, a free Photoshop alternative, to define the generated pattern as a new pattern. This allows you to manipulate the pattern as desired. You can offer these patterns as digital downloads on platforms like Etsy. Stay tuned for full tutorials on this idea.

    Idea 2: Selling Wedding Resources

    Another lucrative digital product idea is selling wedding resources. Shops like A Wild Bloom Principles have earned nearly $ 1.6 million by selling digital download wedding invitation templates. With hundreds of reviews, their simple designs are in high demand. Other shops like Twist Stationery also offer similar designs and have seen significant sales success.

    To break into this market and automate as much as possible, you can use a combination of AI tools like Mid-Journey and Canva. By generating a minimalist wedding invitation template using Mid-Journey, you can upscale the images you like and then use a tool like Canva to add text boxes. This allows your customers to use these templates effectively. Learning to use tools like Photoshop or tools like Photopea may have a small learning curve, but the potential for profit is worth it.

    Idea 3: Generating Guides using AI

    Creating guides is a profitable digital product idea worth exploring. Real estate buyer and seller guides, for example, offer valuable information to clients and can be sold to real estate agents. Shops like Real Estate Templates Company have achieved over 40,000 sales, likely resulting in profits between $ 244,000 and higher.

    With the help of AI tools like ChatGPT, you can generate useful sections for these guides. ChatGPT can assist in creating content specific to the industry, such as Airbnb welcome guides or cleaning checklists. By combining AI-generated information with tools like Canva or Word, you can create visually appealing, informative guides for sale.

    Idea 4: Opening a Logo Design Shop

    Selling logo designs is a profitable digital product idea that can be easily automated with AI. Shops like Logo Lane charge $ 10 per logo pack and have achieved over half a million dollars in profit with 52,000 sales. Similarly, Logo Lane offers premium logo packages ranging from $ 39 to $ 130. Other shops, including Ratty Tank, have seen thousands of sales, indicating substantial profit potential.

    Using tools like Mid-Journey, you can generate logos for different businesses, providing unlimited creativity and options. However, removing the AI-generated text may require some skills in using Photoshop or Photopea. With practice, you can recreate the logos and offer them for sale. AI can handle approximately 80-91% of the design work, making it a valuable tool in logo creation.

    Idea 5: Creating Business Cards

    Business card design is another profitable digital product idea that complements logo design. Shops like Trendy Fox Studio sell business card templates for $ 5.60 each, while Logo Lane charges an additional $ 20 for a business card design. These products contribute significantly to their sales and overall profits.

    To create business card templates, you can use AI tools like Mid-Journey to generate designs. After generating the image, you can use tools like Canva to recreate the business card and add text boxes. By offering these templates, customers can easily personalize and print their business cards. While AI handles about 60% of the work in this process, some effort is still required to finalize the templates.

    Idea 6: Designing Resume Templates

    While not the most thrilling idea, creating and selling resume templates can be highly profitable. Shops like Get Landed have made approximately $ 723,000 with their simple resume templates. These templates cater to different preferences, including ATS-friendly designs.

    To create resume templates using AI, you can employ tools like ChatGPT and Mid-Journey. ChatGPT can generate useful sections for the resume, while Mid-Journey can provide design inspiration. By combining these AI-generated elements with software like Canva or Word, you can create visually appealing and informative resume templates. While AI contributes about 70% of the work, some manual effort is still required to finalize the templates.

    Idea 7: Selling Product Mock-ups

    Product mock-ups are essential for showcasing digital products effectively. Shops like Ratty Tank have achieved success by selling frame and mug mock-ups, earning significant profits. With AI, you can easily create your own mock-ups using tools like Mid-Journey and Photopea.

    By generating the desired product image with Mid-Journey, you can refine and customize them using Photopea. In just a few minutes, you can transform basic mock-ups into visually appealing representations of your digital products. Offering these mock-ups can enhance your customers' experience and increase sales.

    These seven digital product ideas offer diverse opportunities to capitalize on AI tools and automation. With AI handling varying percentages of the work, profitability is within reach. By combining creativity, AI tools, and platforms like Etsy, you can create and sell digital products with the potential to earn substantial income.


    • Digital products with AI
    • Generating patterns with AI
    • Selling wedding resources
    • Automating logo design with AI
    • Creating business cards with AI
    • Designing resume templates with AI
    • Selling product mock-ups with AI


    Q: What are digital products? A: Digital products are intangible goods that can be delivered or accessed electronically. They include items such as e-books, templates, design files, and more.

    Q: How can AI assist in creating digital products? A: AI tools like ChatGPT and Mid-Journey can generate creative elements, provide content suggestions, and speed up the design process in industries like pattern design, logo creation, resume templates, and more.

    Q: Are digital products profitable? A: Yes, digital products can be highly profitable. With the potential for large profit margins and relatively low production costs, digital products offer an attractive business opportunity.

    Q: Do I need design skills to create digital products with AI? A: While design skills are helpful, AI tools can significantly assist in generating designs. With practice and basic knowledge of design software, you can create visually appealing digital products even without extensive design experience.

    Q: How can I market and sell digital products? A: Platforms like Etsy, Fiverr, and Creative Market provide a marketplace for selling digital products. By optimizing your product listings, using relevant keywords, and promoting your products through social media and content marketing, you can increase your visibility and sales potential.

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