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    7 Free Tools EVERY YouTuber Should Be Using

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    7 Free Tools EVERY YouTuber Should Be Using

    Over the years of creating content for a YouTube channel, a creator accumulates a collection of tools that aid in scripting, filming, editing, publishing, and promoting videos. In this article, we will delve into seven favorite free tools that can enhance content creation for YouTubers.

    When it comes to design and thumbnails, Pixlr is a handy online tool that automates background removal from photos, leaving the subject for customization. Canva, another free online tool, facilitates graphic design for thumbnails, logos, and social media posts. Thumbs Up TV assists in testing various title and thumbnail combinations for optimal visibility on YouTube.

    For color schemes and gradients, Design Gradients and Colors provide beautiful gradients and aesthetically pleasing color palettes. Creating engaging videos is essential, and DaVinci Resolve is recommended for editing. Photopia offers a browser-based image editing platform similar to Photoshop, ideal for editing PSD files on-the-go.

    B-roll footage can keep audiences engaged, and Pexels offers a vast library of free stock videos for incorporation. Notion is a versatile workspace for managing projects and collaborations effectively. Stream Elements' Mercury tool automates tasks like updating banners and thanking supporters, enhancing channel functionality.

    These tools cater to various aspects of content creation and management, enhancing the overall quality of videos for YouTubers.


    Pixlr, Canva, Thumbs Up TV, DaVinci Resolve, Pexels, Notion, Stream Elements, Mercury


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