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    9 EPIC Effects in 2 Minutes (After Effects)

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    9 EPIC Effects in 2 Minutes (After Effects)

    Have you ever wanted to spice up your videos with some cool effects but didn't know where to start? In this article, we'll walk you through 9 epic effects that you can easily create in After Effects in just 2 minutes. From light sweeps to turbulence displacement, these effects will take your videos to the next level. Let's dive in!

    To create the light sweep effect, start by adding the light sweep to your layer and dragging the center off the text. Put a keyframe, then drag the center to the opposite side as you progress in the timeline. Play with the settings to customize the effect.

    For the turbulence displacement effect, cut out your subject and duplicate the layer using Ctrl D. Add turbulence displacement to the middle layer and play around with the settings. Keyframe the evolution at the start and increase the number for a warped effect.

    Another easy but impressive effect is the CC Ball Action, which creates particles. By adjusting the size and scatter over time, you can achieve a dynamic particle effect. This effect can be applied to cutouts, PNGs, and text.

    Adding find edges to your footage can create a unique look. By inverting the effect, adding a glow, and manipulating the hue and saturation, you can create a visually striking result. Exposure flashes, achieved with an adjustment layer and exposure settings, can add a dynamic touch to transitions.

    If you don't have a plugin like RSMB for motion blur, Pixel motion blur can be used to create high-quality motion blur. Additionally, stabilizing shaky footage with the warp stabilizer can improve the overall smoothness of your video.

    From liquid tags to lens warps, these effects offer a wide range of creative options for your video projects. Experiment with these techniques to add a professional touch to your videos in no time.


    • After Effects
    • Light Sweep
    • Turbulence Displacement
    • CC Ball Action
    • Find Edges
    • Exposure Flashes
    • Pixel Motion Blur
    • Warp Stabilizer
    • Creative Video Effects


    1. Can these effects be achieved by beginners in After Effects? Yes, these effects are designed to be simple enough for beginners to understand and implement within After Effects.

    2. Do I need any third-party plugins to create these effects? No, all the effects described in the article can be created using the built-in features of After Effects, making them accessible to all users.

    3. How can these effects enhance my video projects? By incorporating these effects, you can add visual interest, professionalism, and creativity to your videos, making them more engaging and dynamic.

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