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    A Better Way to Boost Instagram Reels (Without Wasting Money)

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    A Better Way to Boost Instagram Reels (Without Wasting Money)

    When it comes to boosting your Instagram Reels, the Boost button may seem like an easy and convenient option. However, it's important to note that using the Boost button doesn't always yield the best results. In fact, there's a much better way to boost your Instagram Reels that can provide you with far better results for your advertising budget.

    The Limitations of the Boost Button

    There are several drawbacks to using the Boost button on Instagram Reels. The first limitation is the limited campaign objective selection. The campaign objective is crucial as it informs the platform (in this case, Facebook) about your desired outcome for your advertising spend. The Boost button only offers three campaign objectives to choose from: more profile visits, more website visits, or more messages. This limited selection becomes problematic when you want to achieve goals such as generating leads, email subscribers, or sales, as the Boost button objectives may not align with these objectives. This could result in spending a significant amount of money for minimal meaningful results.

    Another drawback of the Boost button is the limited targeting options. With the Boost button, you only have two targeting options: automatic targeting, where Instagram targets users similar to your existing followers, or creating your own targeting, which allows you to select specific interests. However, you cannot target custom audiences, such as existing website visitors, engagement on other Meta platforms, or email lists. Lookalike audiences also cannot be targeted. These limitations reduce your ability to precisely target your desired audience, impacting the effectiveness of your ad campaign.

    The Better Way: Using Facebook Ad Manager

    To overcome the limitations of the Boost button, it's recommended to use Facebook Ad Manager to boost your Instagram Reels. Here's how to do it:

    Step 1: Set Up Facebook Ad Manager

    • Access Facebook Ad Manager through your Facebook profile.
    • Create a new campaign and select the appropriate campaign objective based on your goals.
    • Choose a conversion location, such as a website.
    • Set your daily budget and schedule.

    Step 2: Define Targeting

    • Select your target location preferences, including countries or specific areas.
    • Choose custom audiences or lookalike audiences based on your desired targeting criteria.
    • Exclude people who have already interacted with your desired conversion event, such as those who have already opted into your email list.

    Step 3: Ad Setup

    • Choose your Facebook page and Instagram account.
    • Instead of creating a new ad, select "Use Existing Post" from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the Instagram Reel you want to boost from the available posts.
    • Configure the ad preview based on your desired placements, such as Instagram Stories or Reels.

    Step 4: Optimization and Delivery

    • Select the appropriate conversion event and set a website URL.
    • Preview your ad across different placements to ensure it looks appealing.
    • Publish your boosted Instagram Reel.

    By using Facebook Ad Manager, you gain more control over your campaign objectives, targeting options, and ad performance tracking. This method allows for more precise audience targeting and provides data insights to optimize your ad campaign for better results.


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    Q: Can I boost Instagram Reels without using the Boost button? A: Yes, you can use Facebook Ad Manager to boost your Instagram Reels, which provides more flexible campaign objectives and targeting options.

    Q: What are the limitations of the Boost button on Instagram Reels? A: The Boost button has limited campaign objective selection, only offering three options that may not align with specific goals such as generating leads or sales. It also has limited targeting options, lacking the ability to target custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

    Q: How does using Facebook Ad Manager improve the results of boosted Instagram Reels? A: Facebook Ad Manager allows for more precise audience targeting, including custom audiences and lookalike audiences. It also provides comprehensive ad performance tracking, enabling optimization for better results.

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