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    A.I. FORCED ME TO CUT $900 Base Set Booster Pack

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    A.I. FORCED ME TO CUT $ 900 Base Set Booster Pack

    Oh my God, the video starts with a YouTuber nervously asking an artificial intelligence system whether to cut or open various Pokemon card packs. The A.I. consistently forces the YouTuber to cut the packs, leading to tension and excitement. The YouTuber reluctantly cuts multiple packs, including a $ 900 Base Set booster pack, only to reveal at the end that it was all a prank, and the expensive pack remained intact. Despite the stress and disappointment, the YouTuber highlights that the cards cut will be donated to charity.


    Cutting packs, Pokemon card packs, artificial intelligence (A.I.), $ 900 Base Set booster pack, charity donation


    1. What was the YouTuber's dilemma in the video?
    2. How did the artificial intelligence system influence the YouTuber's decisions?
    3. What was the outcome of cutting the Pokemon card packs?
    4. Why did the YouTuber decide to donate the cut cards to charity?
    5. How did the video end, and what was the surprising revelation?

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