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    A.I. Turns Text Prompts into Video Games

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    A.I. Turns Text Prompts into Video Games

    In a groundbreaking development, a new AI has been created that can transform text prompts into fully functional video games. Referred to as FR VR, this AI is capable of generating code for video games based solely on a short description. Users can witness the game being created in real-time, play it as it's being developed, and even modify the game by providing additional prompts. For example, by prompting the AI with "bullets don't do anything when hitting enemies," users can see the AI implement this change on the fly. Another prompt to add stars in the background instantly populates the game with this feature. Intriguingly, this process allows individuals to have a playable game within moments, just by inputting simple sentences. While the official release of FR VR is forthcoming, interested individuals can sign up on the waitlist at


    AI, video games, text prompts, FR VR, code generation, real-time development, waitlist


    1. What is FR VR? FR VR is a new AI technology that can translate text prompts into fully functional video games in real-time.

    2. How does FR VR work? Users can input simple prompts, and the AI will generate the necessary code to create a playable game based on these instructions.

    3. Can users interact with the game during development? Yes, users can play the game as it is being created and even make modifications by providing additional prompts to the AI.

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