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    A New AI Video Generator is Here!

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    A New AI Video Generator is Here!

    In this week's AI film news, we explore the future of filmmaking with text-to-3D technology and AI influencers. We also delve into the latest updates and tools in the AI filmmaking landscape. Let's dive in!

    Firstly, we'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who attended the AI LA event last week. Shelby presented her work as an AI artist, and it was great to connect with members of the Curious Refuge Community. Thank you for your support!

    Let's start by discussing a new text-to-video tool called Morph Studio. This tool operates within Discord and allows you to generate videos based on text prompts. While the results may not currently match the quality of other similar tools, such as P Labs, Moon Valley, or Runway, Morph Studio presents an exciting addition to the market. As the tool evolves, we can expect better results in the future.

    Moving on, researchers in China have developed a real-time version of Gaussian splatting using multiple cameras. This technology enables the manipulation of cinematography in post-production by scanning actors and environments, offering a glimpse into the potential of advanced stage setups.

    Nvidia has also introduced a new tool called Masterpiece X, which lets you create 3D models from text prompts. This development has significant implications for storytelling, as it reduces the labor-intensive process of manually modeling objects. Although the tool is still in its early stages, it showcases promising possibilities.

    A comparison of the three major image platforms, Mid Journey, Dolly, and Adobe Firefly, was recently conducted by Ali Jones. The results highlight each platform's strengths and limitations when given the same prompt. Mid Journey stands out with its unique style, while Dolly and Adobe Firefly offer more fidelity to the given prompts. The comparison demonstrates the variety of options available to creators.

    Mid Journey has also introduced some exciting updates, including an enhancement to its AI upscaler. Testing this feature shows it surpasses the capabilities of competing tools like Gigapixel. The improved upscaler provides sharper details without oversharpening, resulting in better overall image quality.

    Additionally, Mid Journey has launched its beta website, offering improved navigation and search features. The new website allows for quick browsing, image ratings, and the ability to search for similar images. Although the beta version lacks some features found in the old website, such as bulk downloading, it holds promise for the future. Soon, Mid Journey plans to offer direct generation on their website, eliminating the need to use Discord.

    In Japan, an advertisement featuring a completely AI-generated character has been released. This AI influencer is used to promote a product, demonstrating the potential for AI influencers in marketing. BMW has also utilized AI influencer technology to endorse their cars. While still in its early stages, this development signifies a potential revolution in the entertainment industry, where AI and human celebrities may coexist.

    The monthly AI horror film competition received over 200 submissions, and winners will be announced on November 30th. We commend the creativity and effort displayed by all the participants.

    In other news, Descript, an audio tool, has introduced "Studio Sound." This feature enhances the quality of video or audio footage, comparable to Adobe's podcast enhance tool. Although Descript's enhanced audio may sound slightly robotic at times, Adobe's tool offers better audio quality, especially when fine-tuning the enhancement percentage.

    The article briefly mentions the use of AI in solving cold cases. Through video, photo, and DNA analysis, AI has become instrumental in solving previously unsolved crimes. This technology is a game-changer in the field of law enforcement.


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    1. What is Morph Studio? Morph Studio is a text-to-video tool that operates within Discord, allowing users to generate videos based on text prompts. Although the tool is not currently on par with other platforms, such as P Labs or Moon Valley, it presents a promising addition to the market.

    2. How does AI influencer technology work? AI influencer technology involves creating virtual influencers who can endorse products or generate content. These AI-generated personalities can gather a massive following online, potentially revolutionizing the way products are marketed.

    3. What is Mid Journey's AI upscaler? Mid Journey's AI upscaler is a tool that enhances images, offering sharper details without oversharpening. Recent tests have shown that the upscaler surpasses the capabilities of tools like Gigapixel, making it an excellent choice for improving image quality.

    4. How does Descript's "Studio Sound" feature work? Descript's "Studio Sound" feature enhances the audio quality of video and audio footage. While it may sound slightly robotic at times, adjusting the enhancement percentage can improve the overall output.

    5. How is AI used in solving crimes? AI is employed in solving cold cases by analyzing video, photo, and DNA evidence. This technology has proven instrumental in cracking previously unsolved cases and has the potential to revolutionize law enforcement practices.

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