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    ADD / EDIT Facebook Video Thumbnail from your Phone [2020 How-To Tutorial]

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    ADD / EDIT Facebook Video Thumbnail from your Phone [2020 How-To Tutorial]

    In this article, we will discuss how to add or edit a video thumbnail on Facebook using your phone. The process involves using the Browser application to access Facebook's desktop version on your mobile device. Follow the steps below to easily manipulate video thumbnails for your posts.

    To begin, download the "Browser" application from the App Store on your phone. This app will allow you to view Facebook as you would on a computer, enabling access to certain features not available on the standard mobile app.

    1. Open the Browser app and navigate to to access the desktop version of Facebook.
    2. Proceed to your Facebook Business page, click on "Create a post," and select the video you wish to upload.
    3. Add a title, description, tags, and then click on the "Thumbnail" option.
    4. Choose "Add Images," select a photo from your library to use as a thumbnail for your video.
    5. Once the thumbnail is set, you can finalize any additional details for the video and publish the post.

    Remember that using this method might compress your video's quality since it's being uploaded via a mobile application. For higher resolution uploads, it is recommended to use a computer instead of a phone.

    If you found this tutorial helpful and informative, consider subscribing, liking, and commenting on the video. Now you can easily manage your Facebook video thumbnails directly from your phone!


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    1. Can you add or edit a video thumbnail on Facebook using a mobile phone?
      • Yes, you can add or edit a video thumbnail on Facebook using a mobile phone by accessing the desktop version of Facebook through the Browser app.
    2. Will using the Browser app to edit video thumbnails affect video quality?
      • Uploading video thumbnails through the Browser app may compress the video quality due to the mobile upload process. For higher resolution uploads, it's advised to use a computer.
    3. What are the steps involved in editing a video thumbnail on Facebook via a mobile app?
      • The steps include opening the Browser app, navigating to Facebook's desktop version, selecting a video for upload, choosing a thumbnail image, and finalizing the post details before publishing.

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