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    AI Automasking in After Effects: AI Background Remover Extension

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    AI Automasking in After Effects: AI Background Remover Extension

    Are you still manually creating masks in Adobe After Effects? Well, here is a trick that can save you tons of time with the help of an AI extension. You can generate masks automatically for both still images and videos with just one click. Follow these steps to streamline your masking process in After Effects:

    1. Install the AI background remover extension from Adobe Exchange either through the Creative Cloud desktop app or the Adobe Exchange website.
    2. Import your footage into After Effects and place it on the timeline.
    3. Open the AI background remover extension by navigating to Window > Extensions > AI Background Remover.
    4. Adjust the analysis quality and mask smoothing settings for optimal results.
    5. Modify the mask feather and model settings as needed, such as using the body pose model for people in the background.
    6. Click on "Apply Effect" to automatically generate the mask for your footage.

    Say goodbye to hours of rotoscoping and tracking masks, and hello to more time for creating awesome videos with the help of AI automasking in After Effects.


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    1. How can I save time on mask creation in Adobe After Effects?
      • By using the AI background remover extension, you can generate masks automatically with just one click, saving you time on manual masking.
    2. What settings can be adjusted in the AI background remover extension for optimal results?
      • You can adjust analysis quality, mask smoothing, mask feather, and model settings to tailor the mask generation process to your specific footage.
    3. Which model setting should be used for people in the background in After Effects?
      • For people in the background or further away, it is recommended to use the body pose model for better results in automasking.

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