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    Today, I will walk you through an AI effect using Final Cut Pro to create a building growth effect. This effect involves adding additional buildings to an existing structure, making it appear as though the building is growing in size. Below is a detailed guide on how to achieve this effect step by step.

    Here is the raw video clip that will be used for this effect. It is a stationary handheld shot, making it ideal for the process. The first step is to mark the point in the video where the effect will start. This is done by placing a marker on the timeline and exporting that frame as a JPEG image. The image is then uploaded to the Open AI website, where additional buildings are generated using AI technology. These new building images are then imported into Final Cut Pro and added to the timeline. By adjusting the duration of the images and using the optical flow feature, the buildings appear to grow seamlessly in the video clip. A mask is added to focus on the growing building, and tracking ensures that the new buildings align with the original structure.

    By following these steps, you can create a captivating AI building growth effect in Final Cut Pro that will enhance your video projects.

    Keywords: AI effect, Final Cut Pro, building growth, Open AI website, optical flow, masking, tracking


    1. Can this effect be applied to any type of video clip? Yes, the AI building growth effect can be added to various types of video clips, but stationary shots work best for a smoother transition.

    2. Do I need advanced editing skills to create this effect? While some familiarity with Final Cut Pro is helpful, the step-by-step guide provided makes it accessible even for beginners.

    3. How many additional building images should I create for the best results? Adding more images and spending time on creating detailed building additions can enhance the overall look of the effect. Aim for at least three to four images for a compelling result.

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